Would Pastor Jamal Bryant Be Better In Politics Than In The Pulpit?

Reader good Sunday morning to everyone I'm praying that everyone reading this post has a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Welcome back CoCo Brother! 

Evangelist and Christian minister Cory Condrey is returning to radio following a car accident in December 2016 which severely injured his legs. In a post on Twitter, he announced the live taping of “Radio Condrey: Evening With Pastor Jamal Bryant,” which will take place on Sunday, July 30th, beginning at 7 PM.

The event will be held at The Condrey Evangelistic Association Douglasville, GA. Along with Pastor Jamal Bryant,  of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD, the event listing says there will be “surprise guests.” Pastor Bryant shared the announcement on Twitter with the video below, writing that he “can’t wait” for the event. 

Anyhow in light of the latest news regarding a woman receiving an Order of Protection against Pastor Bryant because (she claims), he has been “stalking” and “harassing” her.  One online black Christian conservative news site is screaming for Pastor Bryant to step down or be removed from the pulpit. The loud online mumbling and grumbling are causing some to question Pastor Bryant call to ministry. The Facebook comment below is one of many, what do you think?   


"Jamal Bryant and I personally grew up together at Bethel AME CHURCH when his dad was Pastor I usually avoid commenting on him and pray for restoration of him but he will be better in politics I mean he is a very talented speaker and orator and can draw a crowd I've heard him preach over the years I've heard him speak over the years he could have easily been a lawyer or a politician but this line of work requires too much sacrifice and being a preacher is not a glamorous job you don't get to ride around and Bentleys and sometimes you don't even get to sleep in your own bed."


  1. It's good to hear that Coco brother has healed and returned after his devastating car accident.

    But as for Jamal (child support) Bryant being better at politics. NO!!!

    He won't be any better in politics then he is at pastoring. Because he has a poor reputation, a closet full of skeletons and poor self-control.

    And here he is once again in court. And SURPRISE, SURPRISE, its over ANOTHER WOMAN.

    How many times does Jamal have to go to court because of a woman before people realize he is unfit for the office of pastor???

    This sentence made me laugh, "The loud online mumbling and grumbling are causing some to question Pastor Bryant's call to ministry"
    After Several baby mama's,
    in court multiple times for refusing to pay child support,
    and add to it his "these Hoes ain't loyal" sermon
    And "NOW" people are starting to question his ministry???
    Where have they been!!!

    Until a pastor or Empowerment church decides to truly care for him and physically remove him from the pulpit showing him that his personal actions have consequences, Jamal will continue being "JAMAL".

    1. True Cop,

      People are acting like they haven't seen a steady pattern of a man who has no morals for over 20 years.

      It's possible that the church members prayed for him over the years. And for every scandal that kept popping up, they blamed the devil.

      They didn't know that this was who actually Jamal was and failed to believe him.

      Church members could have stayed because they were loyal to Jamal's father. And he, Jamal, rode on that wave of loyalty.

  2. Miss Ann,

    Bryant would be better in entertainment. As long as he has freedom in producing his own script.

    See the T-shirt he's wearing? It's not because he knows he is a child of God. It is because he knows no one can hold him accountable for his actions.

    Is that a face of a demon?

    1. You are so right. I didn't even pay attention to the shirt.

      It just shows his arrogance rather than a reliance on God

    2. C'mon people, that is a face of a lion. The shirt says "I am king." The lion is "king." Jesus is King.

    3. Well, why the "I am King" and not "Jesus is King"?

      Don't be fooled so easily please!

    4. You are dead on the MONEY Shepherd. These false prophets want NOTHING to DO with JESUS. I've noticed the tee shirts the MANN family wears on their REALITY show that have written on them "generic" phrases to apparent Biblical truth. It's never SCRIPTURES per se, just coined little group of words used as caption. This is the type foolishness the devil uses to deceive many. This and JAKES use HIS NAME as a PRODUCT.

      For ANONOMOUS "I am KING". The LION is King of the JUNGLE. JESUS is KING OF this WORLD, the LION included as He even created it!

    5. Thanks anonymous,

      And when you look closely at the image, it is more similar to a portrait of a growling tiger than a portrait of growling lion. I.e. it has no mane. So what spirit is he actually displaying?

      We need to be more careful on what Bryant et al are putting out.

      PS - one time Bryant had a shirt with a snake on and his supporters claimed it was an in vogue designer article.

  3. The words "Jamaal", "pulpit" and "politics" should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

    1. Yup..itll be around until the LORD comes again.


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