Why Are Christians Apologizing For The Bible?

Reader good Sunday morning to everyone I'm praying everyone that is reading this post have a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I stumbled upon an interesting website designed to get people curious about the Bible but instead of doing that it come off like a bunch of propaganda.


Christians apologize for misusing the Bible and admit that some people have used this book of love for hateful things. If you can’t forgive them, that’s ok. Just don’t hold it against the book. It's essentially an open invitation to explore the Bible.

 Someone help me out here, now how you going to go get folks who look unsaved to apologize for the "Evil Christian Monsters" who won't make accommodations for sin in their congregations? In my humble opinion this video kind of failed giving the invitation. You just told a bunch of people this book is an invitation. An Invitation to what? Not just that but they failed to mention it is the infallible word of God that is inspired by the divine holy spirit. It was a good try to apologize for any actions certain people who say they are believers that failed to share in love the good news of Christ. But if you don't even mention the gospel or can't even explain it and just hide it like a mystery then something is wrong. 


  1. Well, the Bible has been used to justify atrocities like slavery, abuse against women, and to stir hatred. Everyone has an interpretation of the Bible and defends their understanding to the nail. Sometimes people's desire to be right supersedes logic and allows the Bible to be used for evil.

    1. So you get the point?

    2. First Anonymous you sound silly the bible is all about condemning sin if you ask me, so we can repent and be free. Jesus makes you whole! Not left in pieces and broken! Scary is their invitation to god, but which one.... It's a clip from the devil to draw worldly christians away from the Truth. No one talked about Jesus Christ.... This is the big falling away (2 Thessalonians 1-3) Looking for acceptance and forgiveness of the world. This is just crazy talk....

    3. Internet PastorSunday, 09 July, 2017

      Eugene Smith, very well said because the truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth and a lot of people like you said they don't even mention Jesus.

    4. The truth varies based on ones interpretation of the word. If there was on universal understanding of the Bible there wouldn't be a dozen different sects and versions of Christianity.

    5. Here's some plain and simple logic against the foolish idea "the truth varies based on one's interpretation".

      1. Jesus (GOD) NEVER changes. He is th3 same yesterday, today, and forever.

      2. JESUS is the TRUTH. HE said "I am the way, the TRUTH and the life.

      3. Thus, the TRUTH never changes, Despite the many different interpretations made by carnal and sinful men.

      If you claim to be a Christian, you show yourself as unstudied in the WORD. I challenge you to really know the Savior and spend time reading the whole Bible within the next year. It will do your soul good.

    6. Yes, there are many truths that are mutually agreed upon across Christianity. However, different interpretations of the Bible do exist and the truth is not the same for every Christian. Just look at how different the Catholics are from the Protestants.

  2. This is NEVER the way we ought to reach those LOST individuals who may believe Christians and the CHURCH have failed them. Those LOST infivoduals are SINNERS, and like EVERYONE WHO WAS EVER BORN, are without excuse. They walk in darkness, and seek everyday to fulfill the lust of their own flesh. The LOST are full of pride and do not seek God. THEY love to worship the Creature, rather than the Creator. Many seek everyday to turn that which is natural into that which is unnatural. Many HAVE BECOME REPROBATE. Those walking according to their own flesh live in abomonition, and choose to satisfy their own lusts. HELL is enlarging itself everyday because of them.

    Satan seeks to use them to destroy them and for the idiots in this video to APOLOGIZE for the actions of some is OUTRIGHT STUPID!!! Their actions here show they are just as ignorant about forgiveness as the so called white Jews posing as Christians, who used the BIBLE to justify slavery.

    The folks in the video are nothing but a BUNCH of MORONS. This is JUST DOWNRIGHT INSANE. TRUE SAINTS of God are never called to apologize to a dying world. They are called to reach the LOST with the gospel,telling the LOST they are sinners, disobedient, born that way, and will die and burn in hell if they reject God, who in His love, DIED SO THEY CAN LIVE. HOW DARE THESE morons come up with the trick WHEN the truth of the matter is all sinful slaves and masters and women and men die and go to Hell if they continue to walk in darkness, despite that Jesus extends to say to them "He is the light of the world".

    This is the k8nd of garbage you get when meha church leaders like OSTEEN AND Jakes and Blake and Kirk (apologize to the sodomites) preaches a water down gospel or even worse, NO GOSPEL AT ALL.

  3. how do you look saved??? I would rather listen to the gospel preached by someone covered in tattoos than some bishop in a white robe or you with your oversized photoshopped looking afro

    1. Haha anonymous you funny....all I will say is to each his own, I love my photoshopped looking afro. At least I'm not hiding it behind a avatar with no picture or without a name.

  4. Miss Ann,

    The pope has used this approach before of apologizing for those who have used the "church" for evil (including the infamous inquisition).

    If the folk in the video were believers in God, they would know that they as individuals are NOT responsible for other people's evil and hateful actions.

    "The soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the righteous shall be upon him..." (Ezekiel 18:20).

    God will render to each according to their OWN deeds (Romans 2:6) - emphasis is definitely mine. The whole chapter can be read for context.

    It would have been better if these folk in the video stood like watchmen on the watch tower and told the truth (Ezekiel 33). But they instead have told a lie to millions of people. Shame!


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