The Message’ Bible Creator Eugene Peterson Has Found Himself In Hot Water!

Reader good Thursday morning to everyone I'm praying everyone that's reading this post has a wonderful day, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have said from the get-go that The Message paraphrase of the Bible was bad. And sad to say, reading this does not surprise me in the least...he thought he could put his own spin on God's word and interpret it for us in The Message.

Eugene Peterson, the man behind The Message translation of the Bible, has landed in hot water after saying in an interview that he would perform a same-sex marriage ceremony if asked.

In an interview with Jonathan Merritt on Religion News, Peterson describes how his views on homosexuality have changed over his career.

"I wouldn't have said this 20 years ago, but now I know a lot of people who are gay and lesbian, and they seem to have as good a spiritual life as I do. I think that kind of debate about lesbians and gays might be over. People who disapprove of it, they'll probably just go to another church. So we're in a transition, and I think it's a transition for the best, for the good. I don't think it's something that you can parade, but it's not a right or wrong thing as far as I'm concerned," Peterson says.

Merritt specifically asked Peterson about the LGBT issues plaguing Peterson's denomination, Presbyterians.


  1. I read this on CP last night. Surprised that Peterson feels same sex marriage is okay.

    I compared the KJV to the Message on some key scriptures dealing with same sex activity. In my opinion, Peterson did not let his personal opinion influence his Message translation of these scriptures.

    The scriptures are: Romans 1:26-28, I Corinthians 6:9-11,I Timothy 1:9-10.

    Will someone please compare the Message translation with KJV or some other translation and post whether Peterson misinterpreted these passages. Thanks.

  2. The Message Bible is just like all English versions of Original Scriptures -transliterations... Any responsible student of The Bible, studies the Texts in its original language then cross-reference their studies with the English versions.

    If you're going to throw away Eugene Peterson's Message Translation then you'll also have to throw away the King James Versions because King James was a homosexual...

  3. Rev. Christian, Wow!! I've got more research to do on King James, and I don't mean the one in Cleveland!!

    In my opinion, Peterson did justice to the passages in question.

  4. @Rev. Christian, I think a more accurate characterization of King James is that he was BISEXUAL; he fathered several children with Anne of Denmark.

    1. Look...cut out all the silliness, King James was a homosexual or what not.

      Just a simple little knowledge of history reveals in the early 1500's, when England was under the control of the Catholic Church, it was Tyndale who worked to produce a Bible translated from the Original Hebrew / Greek, but didn't complete all his work because He was arrested in 1534, and held under house arrest for 500 days. On the morning Oct 6, 1536, he was taken out and burned to death by the Catholic Church.

      While Tyndale was on house arrest, Miles Coverdale finished that which Tyndale had started, The Coverdale Bible. The King of England, Henry 8th, permitted the Bible to go forth. This translation got rid of the confession booth and conveyed a can have all personal relationship with Jesus, contrary of the RULLING Catholic Church at that time. No longer would a MAN (priest)tell what penalty one would have to undergo for his sins. Henry the 8th also authorized and permitted other translation THE GREAT BIBLE, and the Geneva Bible (in Greek).

      After Henry 8th, his Edward 6th took the throne. Edward died young, only on the throne 4,5 years, and allowed the Bible to go free. He had no spouse and no kids, so his sister Bloody Mary took the throne, responsible for over 7000 of her own people death - i.e., she had parents burned for teaching their children the Lords' prayer in English. The parents were teaching their kids. Bloody Mary only wanted the Catholic church to teach the children.

      After Bloody Mary, her sister Queen Elizabeth ruled England. To win the hearts of the people, she gave us the Bishop's Bible done by "Bishops and pastors). After Queen Elizabeth, came King James (her cousin from Scotland) he allowed people to buy a King James (done to perfect the Geneva and Bishop's Bibles, translated by 54 of the greatest scholars of that time over 7 year period) version in the bookstores.

      SO THIS idea of KING JAMES being a homosexual or bi-sexual MEANS ABSLOUTELY NOTHING. He was King at the time, and llowed for the King James version to be produced. SO no need to compare this Eugene Patterson with the King of ENGLAND here. KING JAMES did not do an ounce of work on the transliteration, 54 SCHOLARS, men of SCHOLAR and INTEGRITY spent over 7 years to analyze, review, and translate to get the King James Version.

      Other important things to note about the KJV is that lines up with all the Other English Bibles (Genevea, Coverdale, Matthew, ect.) per the textus receptus. It is said about the texus receptus, it is the most important book ever written.

      And not to get into comparing the different versions we have today, I'll simply say, King James is called the majority text because uses 99% of manuscripts (5200 Greek fragments), while these newer versions use 1%. So you figure out which is more reliable. Definitely not the MESSAGE BIBLE constructed by this Eugene Peterson. So I'm not surprised this dude supports same sex anything!

    2. Thanks Anonymous. That was a conclusion I also came to-- King James authorized the translation. The original Hebrew and Greek were divinely inspired but God, men wrote it down in those languages and it was subsequently translated. The fact that KJ authorized the translation show that God uses imperfect people to accomplish His perfect will--translation of The Word of God. The sexuality of KJV has nothing to do with the KJV that bears his name. The KJV Bible, the Word of God, has been translated for the masses and resulted in countless souls being saved and delivered from sin.

    3. @Anonymous, you're on point with your history... however, I didn't compare the Message translation to the King James translations, because there's no comparing between the two.

      I did say and stand by, if we are going to throw away The Message Translation because Petterson's view of homosexuals then we must also throw away the King James Translation because he engaged in homosexual acts (despite King James didn't write anything, he just authorized it.)

    4. Rev. Who actually did the translation to come up with the Message Bible? If it was Peterson Himself, and he had a character flaw, is it possible this flaw could have influenced him in his translation? Kinda like some of the other versions when their translators manipulated the scriptures to fit their agenda.

  5. I see where the author is now doing a little back pedaling after Lifeway threaten to remove his Bible from their stores.

  6. Wow!! Seems like everything is connected to the Benjamins!!

  7. Miss Ann,

    Regardless of whichever way people would like to interpret or translate scripture, our God has purposed for the preservation of HIS WORD past eternity.

    "The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever." (Psalm 12:6-7)

    "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it." (Isaiah 55:11)

    "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." (Matthew 24:35)

    1. POWERFUL! BOTTOM LINE TRUTH, you super saved saint!


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