Lord Have Mercy, Fred Hammond Says His Drama Series, ‘The Choir’, Is The “Gospel Version of ‘Power’ and ‘Empire'”!

Reader, good Monday morning to everyone, I 'm praying everyone reading this post have a wonderful and awesome day in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So gospel singer Fred Hammond is making a new movie to reach those who feel they've been forgotten by God. Fred was on the Get Up Erica radio show in June where he discussed writing his drama series, The Choir with Erica co-host GRIFF. 

Fred described the drama series as a “gospel version of “Power,” “Empire,” “Nashville,” and “The Breaks.”

Fred talked about dealing with “real” issues  that we go through in life and not just the “light” stuff we as Christians like to talk about.
I don’t know if any of you all reading this seen the clip of the drama series, but in the trailer that was released back in March, you can see the characters dealing with everyday issues like depression, sickness, alcohol and drug abuse, exotic dancing, but the message is clear, no matter the situation, God can find us there and love us out of it.

Fred said the series will be a tool that he believe will reach way out to those who may think God doesn’t care about them, or God is through with them. He continued, The choir will remind you that God will go anywhere and I mean anywhere to come and love you out of your worst situation. Source


  1. I am witholding judgement until I see some fruit from this movie. I watched the trailer and it is gritty and edgy. However, I want to see who is being reached before I give my perspective.

  2. Miss Ann,

    If it is the gospel version of "Power", "Empire" et al, I will pass. It will probably be a sister version of "Green Leaf". And the usual script, i.e. money, power, and sex. Whilst using the name of our God in vain to reel in the unsuspecting.

    PS - I don't have to watch the clip.

  3. I like Fred but he should do a movie about the life and times of bishop jenny craig!

  4. I watched the clip, and from what I heard, it's typical black play feel good entertainment. I'm really not sure the intent of these producers. If they seek for their projects to have people to identify with certain experiences, as the actors and actresses felt the need to include God through their trials, then that's all the impact the audience will go away with. I'm not sure any will however be lead to the Lord, which to me is the ultimate end of the gospel message. If the producers just do his best as his relationship with the LORD Is shown by the message he tries to project, he needs true deliverance. Or maybe the producer operates to see his project as a money making venture. Lots of empty so called Christians act in greed under the guise of The LORD. Just seem to me, these black plays is not worth the time supporting. Script seems to have a lot of blank pag3s, plus the acting is somewhat horrible and come across as corny.

  5. Most Of These Types Of Movies, Are Produced, Directed And Funded By Unsaved People. These Movies Also Lure Unsaved Christians To Spend Their Money, On This ungodly Entertainment. If You Are Truly Saved The Holy Spirit Gives You Discernment About These Types Of Movies. Shalom

    1. Well Said Ms. Vailes. WELL SAID!!!

    2. Yes, I agree!

    3. True Miss Vailes,

      And the funders control the script too. By the end of the drama series, it will be obvious it was never about Jesus, but about Benjamin and Franklin.


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