Here We Go, Wisconsin Company Hopes To Be The First In The United States To Offer Microchip Implants To Employees!

Reader I can't believe that this is happening in my lifetime. Like many other Christians, I was also taught that the “mark of the beast” mentioned in Rev 13:16, could most probably be a microchip which gets inserted to someone's forehead or hand. This coming technology will allow the Beast to number and track every person on earth. People believe that either a number or bar code will be imprinted on the foreheads or hands of those who will be permitted to buy or sell. Lately, the stories have been about implantable microchips that will store vital information about each of us. Such stories are widely circulated, but no proof exists that any of them are part of a worldwide conspiracy. These reports are based on a misunderstanding of Revelation 13.

A US vending business is entering a new era of ‘convenience’ by implanting microchips in employees that will allow them access to basic workplace amenities. At least 50 staff at Wisconsin firm Three Square Market have volunteered to have a microchip, similar to one in a contactless credit card, inserted into their hand, according to the company.
“Eventually, this technology will become standardized allowing you to use this as your passport."


  1. Be watchful. :)

  2. I thought we were already were in the first phase of the microchip plan--CELLPHONES. CELLPHONES track where you are, can be used as listening and watching devices by the manufacturer, make people in the same location show up on your FB to see if you want to connect with them, suggests nearby places to explore or dine.

    Cellphones are the first phase, in my opnion. We don't leave home without our phones and some can't function (buy and sell) which symbolizes carrying on daily activities. Think about it.

    All that has to be done next is to have people chipped so their electronic devices will work--The chip in the human will communicate to the chips in their cellphones, ipads, laptops, etc. and cause the to be activated and operate.

    The devil is too smart to sell the mark with something scary. It will be subtle, seem necessary and harmless. Everybody (almost) will be getting it.

    1. Your analysis of tying you to electronic devices is spot on. This is called Panopticism.

      1) The "panopticon" refers to an experimental power in which behaviour could be modified... the panopticon as a symbol of the disciplinary society of surveillance.
      If you notice how much is now being recorded daily. you can't even run a light without getting a notice in the mail. This is the way they can control the masses without Martial Law

      2) The next step is to get rid of the Fed. The Fed is a confederacy of Central Banks that has controlled the global economy for several years. It and the dollar are becoming obsolete. The Fed will likely yield to a centralized bank called the World Bank. World Bank will issue SDRs. SDRs are special drawing rights which are numerous countries that have agreed to be the underlying financial basket of currencies that will become the new gold standard. Under this system, the World Bank will set pricing and govern the economy globally! Under this model, the US will merge with Canada and S. America. This will be one of 10 trading blocks that will govern world polity. This I believe is the rise of the 10 Kings. Revelations states that the kings will rule, but not with their own country, but kingdoms just prior to the AC rise to power.

      3) is the rise of cryto-currency. Bitcoin and other digital platforms are designed to eliminate cash. As scripture says, it will be a cashless society. No man can buy or sell without the mark. Therefore, the system has to be in place b4 the mark can be implemented. Cryto-currency stock is going through the roof. So, this is the system that will replace the dollar.

      4) Lastly, the chip that exist now is a rough draft of the model coming. The new model that they will implement then will be connected to three main things:
      a) a Artificial Intelligent system that will be smarter than all combined humans on earth. It is learning now!
      b) A smart chip that will have nanites that will be able to change your DNA. This is why people will not be able to be saved after taking the mark, because they will no longer be human
      c) the nanites will essentially be a drone system, and each person will be cyborgs. In other words, those who take the mark will have the promise of eternal life through merging with AI and it repairing the body through the nanites.

      This is very real! We are likely within 20 years of this. This is called the convergence!

      see the above link as well as others. Look at Futurist conversations. The church needs to wake up and warn the world, as we are close!!!!

    2. @ RWR Ministries,

      That's scary.

      I have also noticed a lot of stuff going on, e.g. global markets, global health, global economies, etc. There are now standards that have been set by the UN/World Bank that the countries which are signatories have to abide by. Those that are not signatories, e.g. Syria, Iran... have to suffer the consequences of war and international bans until such a time that they accept. This is all pointing to the One World government.

      Revelation 13 gives a synopsis of forceful worship of the image beast, which will have immense power.

      What I have also noticed is that whatever is done on a world platform and receives massive and intense press coverage including TV sitcoms, series, movies, music, that is the direction that the evil one would like to take.

      Right now it is the move towards merging man and technology. The Robocops that have been rolled out in some cities, dolls and other toys with AI (spying on children and programming them to trust these suspect idols and make them their friends/buddies - I shudder), the chip implants being promoted to be used on toddlers and pets (in case they get lost) and adults at work places (clocking in and out), the robotic prosthetics that are being promoted, use of access codes to buildings, vehicles, bank accounts, or even the internet, manipulating DNA for the unborn through use of technology, etc are all part of the beast.

      And we are slowly being ushered into this terrifying era. One can't travel to another country and make a transaction without being flagged on the system (unless you use cash and even then we are already limited by the amount we can carry).

      Everything now is being geared to the e-system (which could be seen as the beast). What the evil one is doing is to make it sound like the system is for our convenience, but it isn't so. If it was, it wouldn't be suspect to opt to get one's salary in cash instead of the checking account.

    3. You are on point. Stay vigilant. I am going to be starting a training center here in Philly. I want to break from head in the sand teaching. All of these leaders are not concerned with what is going on with the world. Taking slices of the word of God that are pet scriptures. Just like the word says, heaping for themselves teachers, having itching ears, turn away from the faith to fables (storytelling).
      From such turn away. We need to be very vigilant.

      BTW. the CEO of the company in this article is being interviewed this morning on Fox

  3. I've been talking about this since 99' and folks thought I was a nut-case. However, this is just a mechanism for satan and the New World Order to CONTROL us. The technological efforts are flying over everyone's heads and not being watchful like Anonymous above said.

    1. Keep on speaking about it! Many 'saints' are sleep because they want there money now. Preachers on TV teaching about money and grace but not teaching on how close we are to the end time. The reality is that they don't want a doom and gloom message, so people can continue to come. We've mistaken the 'good news' for no negative news. God never told us to bury our heads in the sand, but to occupy
      until he comes

    2. "However, this is just a mechanism for satan and the New World Order to CONTROL us."

      This is so true, and what's really sad is most pastors will never speak on this.


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