Healthy Churches 2020 National Conference.

Reader now in its fourth year, this conference is designed for pastors and others involved in various aspects of health ministry.
Healthy Churches 2020 Conference is a 3-day national, capacity building, training conference for faith leaders, health directors, coordinators, nurses and members of congregational-based Health Ministries. 

There is a deep soul cry for comprehensive, community-based, compassionate care that speaks to the broad spectrum of emotional, psychological, relational and practical conditions that contribute to healthy living.

Now is the time for the Church to reclaim its role in promoting health and wholeness. The Church has always demonstrated its role in promoting spiritual health, but it also has a profound ability and obligation to influence physical and mental health.


  1. Every body trying to tell the church what to do, and the direction it should go. The Apostle Luke, who was a physician, didn't seek to preach to the church in this manner, to hold any conference to educate them about their health. Paul said to Timothy take a little wine for the stomach sake. And even Jesus only gave a one liner to say he that is sick, need a physician, and that HE WAS THE GREAT physician. As a part of God's body, I advise try to use some holistic means to heal, and get some insurance to defray cost for you doctor's visit.

    Dr. David Satcher is pro abortion, and I'm quite sure he'll subtly push that evil doctrine to many of the "church" women in attendance. He'll preach safe sex instead of the sin of fornication. He'll pump pharmaceutical drugs, and will never tell church folks their side effects these DRUGS, some actually causing, mental issues and depressions.

    This educated fool will never preach healing of the saints through the Gifts God gives to His Body to edify one another. Instead of these ignorant preachers attending this event, They need to get saved, study the word of God to give an answer for the hope that lies within them, and teach their parishioners the truth like LUKE taught, the SAVIOR, the SON of MAN as he was human, walked among mankind, performed miracles, died and shed is blood for them, and provided a way for their ultimate HEALING!

  2. God designed Luke to be Luke (see Ephesians 2: 8-10 and 1 Corinthians 12). There is room in the kingdom of God for each of us to walk in path that he designed for us, doing his will for His glory. The body is not one member, but many.

    I have not spent a tremendous amount of time researching all of Dr. David Satcher's opinions, but in my opinion your narrow minded views leave no room for the ways in which God perfectly designed each of his children to contribute for his glory.

    In addition, many pharmaceuticals were developed from plants and herbs that come from the Earth. Therefore, in the same manner that godly wisdom is necessary as it relates to the use of man-made pharmaceuticals the same can be said for things that come from the ground that are poisonous at certain doses. Even water, with all its benefits, can be poisonous at a certain dose. Do you know if the things you're saying about the above Dr are true and have you heard him speak?

    Is it that you have a problem with education in general even if its God's will for some?

    Your views seem to leave no room for the awesome creativity of our God to use us as his creations in unique and distinct ways for his glory.

    In terms of sin, people will participate whether they have education about health risk or not. It is within the black and minority community that certain diseases like Aids/HIV are rising. Would you rather people got no education?

    Certainly, I'm not a proponent for teaching safe sex from the pulpit but are you really saying that communities shouldn't be proactive in informing women of the risks associated with unsafe sex? If so, I would say this is one reason why certain communities are suffering in such a distressing manner.

    1. It's obvious by your childish and sometimes incoherent speech, you are either 1) Not a Christian or 2) a very weak and immature Christian. YOU are all over the place to say a bunch of NOTHING!

      The references you made to the Precious Word of God (Ephesians and Corinthians) do not lead in no form or fashion you silly conclusion God made Luke to be Luke. You ga ga goo goo baby talk about the kingdom proves you are regurgitating and spitting up some of the formula you sipped for Juanita and Jakes and Brian Carn. Truth of the matter when Christ (take the time and read about Him, every now and then...His life is written on the pages of the Bible) talked about "kingdom", he gently taught his disciples, the higher truths about God they didn’t understand. Jesus taught them in Matthew 5:20 “For I say unto you, that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven. ABOUT the KINGDOM here, he talked about RIGHTEOUSNESS.! Again in Matthew 18:3 “And said, Verily I say unto you, Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” He taught CONVERSION, and HUMILITY.

      About all your other non-called for rants, I just responded to the post, the host of this conference. He'll teach what he only knows to CHURCH FOLKS by the way safe sex. The Church should be the head holding a conference to teach this DOCTOR "GOD says NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE - Abstinance". You don't see a problem here? And you telling me AIDS is Rising within the Black community, despite the fact you omit to say, ALL THE EDUCATION THEY HAVE GOTTEN OVER THE PAST COUPLE OF Decades. So much for EDUCATION. Black men and women need to get saved, allow the Spirit Of God to possess them with fruit of "Self Control", pray the LORD will keep them everyday, commit to reading His will and knowing His ways, Use Wisdom, marry than burn, and be wise according to the WORD of God. It's when black men and women, boys and girls are out of His will, they will become like YOU said DISTRESSED! Problem is PEOPLE like YOU would rather educated unsaved prideful people provide the answer. Sounds like YOU are living in the FLESH. Again by your fruit, I will know YOU!

    2. Beautifully said, great response!

    3. You got it ANONYMOUS! GOD blessings...

  3. Well stated ^^

  4. Miss Ann,

    We are missing the point.

    Revelation 2 - 3, the WORD of God reiterates "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches..."

    That is the message that should come out clearly to every believer in the LORD Jesus. When it comes to church matters, it is THE Spirit that speaks to us and NOT a Surgeon General.


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