Don't Miss This Celebration With The Oldest Apostolic Pentecostal Organization In The World!

Reader The 102nd Convention of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World will convene in "Music City," -- Nashville (TN). Where thousands of believers from throughout the world will gather for a week of fellowship, instruction, business, and worship.

The PAW's five new Bishops will be consecrated in a formal ceremony at the Nashville convention. The list includes the first female Bishops with a diocese - Bishops Mona Reide, Ed.D. and Gwendolyn Weeks.

The other Bishops are Bishop J. Gregory Rodgers, Bishop Lawrence Robertson, and Bishop Fredrick Jackson. 


  1. Much better speaker lineup than the COGIC convocation.

    So PAW is consecrating women bishops now??? Wow

    1. Haha! I saw that Bishop Elect lady too and was confused. Apparently times have changed!!!!!!!!! Everyone ordains women now. Apparently she had alenough money. Nobody follows SCRIPTURE!!!!

  2. First off, I just visited their website, and the one thing that caught my attention was there was no STATEMENT of Beliefs. Most major and minor Christian organization would at least list their beliefs based off biblical doctrine with Scripture references as proof. This may tell me doctrine isn't really that important with PAW. And as they are called Apostolic, I'm gathering they don't believe in the Trinity. And the label "pentecostal" says they based their spirituality on emotions, practicing speaking in tongue, with no one there to interpret.

    I'm not impressed with the lineup. Noel Jones, who calls himself a bishop, is not blameless in his character, divorced, and appears to have a girlfriend named Loretta, who he is stringing along not to marry her (RUN Loretta RUN!). Marvin Sapp, the smooth singing Satan Masonic worshipper, who creates songs to hypnotize folks into thinking they are worshipping. His songs are bubble gum pop music with lyrics are repetitive, and void of the glorious praise due unto God, and the lowliness of men, he should take to prostate before His presence. His "Never Would Have Made It" fits to that example.

    Then you have the controversial Johnny Walker, who also as a bishop is not blameless, had a lawsuit against him that he used his position as a pastor to convince numerous women to have sex with him in order to become “closer to God.” One woman claimed Walker intimidated her and forced her to keep the misconduct quiet. I've listen to "Apostle" Darnell Dixon and Gwendolyn Weeks and their messages are just like Marvin Sapp, trite, opinionated and motivational, typical lack of Bible expository and full of isogesis.

    Anyone who attend these meetings are doing so out of obligation to the denomination and form and fashion. I see no real fruit coming from this gigantic barren TREE.

    And take note Ms. Ann, I only responded to the post here. When I follow this protocol, others have come in a rude way, saying nothing about the topic, but rather they would comment in their ignorance to say personal things about me. I could care less about that, because most of these roaches I can squash. But if the arguing is to STOP, I pray you nip it in the BUD when these roaches choose to stray away from the TOPIC you post in this manner.

    My thought is this is just cyberspace. Some think this to be a sanctuary and a Christian website. In some ways, I beg to differ.

    1. If this celebration was in my BACK yard, I would NOT ATTEND!

  3. Miss Ann,

    These are too many speakers who will want to "out do" each other at the pulpit.

    These summer conventions have turned into summer festivals where itching ears are willing to listen to false prophets. And the latter do not disappoint.

    PS - Bishop Jones has shown that he has no respect for women and assumes he is "theee" prize to be won. This is THE kind of spirit he imparts on the congregation he leads. Beware!


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