Catholic Nun Explains Pro-Life In A Way That Will Stun Many!!

eader the 2 year old quote below is from Sister Joan Chittister, a Benedictine Nun, who sums up the anti-abortion hypocrites during a PBS interview. She makes a very valid point, Pro-life means all human lives. Not just babies in a woman's womb.

"I do not believe that just because you’re opposed to abortion, that that makes you pro-life. In fact, I think in many cases, your morality is deeply lacking if all you want is a child born but not a child fed, not a child educated, not a child housed. And why would I think that you don’t? Because you don’t want any tax money to go there."

It annoys me that anti-abortion advocates call themselves "pro-life"…1) for the reasons cited by this nun and 2) because it infers that abortion rights activists are against "life." Like I've mentioned on this blog before, one can be for a woman's right to choose but morally against the idea of abortion. Most people, I believe, do not "advocate" abortion, but believe that it is a personal decision that should not be usurped by government or religious moralists.


  1. Well if folks wants to define the murder of Children who can't fend for themselves while in their mother's womb as "pro-life" GOD Bless them! These children are human beings, and are most vulnerable, INNOCENT, Creature made by the hands and the image of the ALMIGHTY. I admire all stance for any who would do as much in their power to save these children.

    For this nun lady and any one who would back door to "redefine" PRO-LIFE as much more, my suggestion is to START YOUR OWN movement and care, feed, educate, and house disadvantaged children. There are so many opportunities to do more than just moral lip services. I doubt many of these "back door" advocates possess any records that will stand up against their CLAIMS. So if you want to talk about HYPOCRISY, this nun and her Catholicism can LOOK STRAIGHT In THE MIRROR.

    I recently attended a PRO LIFE Banquet. These folks are PRO-LIFE (against murder in the womb) and pushes with diligence to protect the LIFE of innocent children. They are abbressed of the laws in effect and forthcoming that pertains to the issue. They are passionate about PRO-LIFE ideals. They understand that JESUS is LIFE.

    This nun lady and all who espouses her principles can GO FLY A KITE!

    1. Did those at you pro life banquet also discuss plans to advocate for children, post-birth who are born to mothers or families that are poor, without insurance or generally in need of assistance in the form of food, housing, health-care, etc.?

    2. Either you have problems with comprehension or you choose to be IGNORANT. If you are interested and concerned as you come off to be, why don't you get with this NUN, and others who advocate for your ideals an form processes to advocate for children, post-birth who are born to mothers or families that are poor, without insurance or generally in need of assistance in the form of food, housing, health-care. YOU ARE ALL TALK and NO ACTION.

      THE PRO-LIFERS ARE very active per their ideals on the sanctity of LIFE.

    3. You don't know me, though so I'm not certain how you could feel comfortable stating something about me as if it is factual. I will also acknowledge that I don't know you either, outside of your comments. I also don't know your friends from the pro-life banquet which is why I asked a question in a manner that left sufficient room for you to answer the question and clarify with additional information.

      Criticism , in my opinion, is not necessary with open-mind dialogue. I don't have to criticize you but if you feel it necessary to criticize me to strengthen your argument, so be it.

    4. I don't REALLY Care to get to know you. But I know SCRIPTURES that states "BY your fruit, YE SHALL KNOW THEM". Your fruit smells ROTTEN!
      I stated what I stated in the Simplest form possible. Like I said go
      form a group with YOU, Ms. Ann and the NUN to help these poor families without insurance. If you don't, then CUT the RHETORIC okay! I'm not here to answer your foolish questions. There are tons of information on line about what REAL "pro-lifers" do. Do your research.

    5. I could also say, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

      Your heart is speaking through the words you present here.

    6. Sure is. With passion for the Pro-lifers and the word of GOD, "By your fruit ye shall know them."

    7. "I don't REALLY Care to get to know you. But I know SCRIPTURES that states "BY your fruit, YE SHALL KNOW THEM". Your fruit smells ROTTEN!"

      And YOU have a FOUL spirit. You may be saved but I question if you've been filled with the Holy Spirit. How can you be filled when you speak in such a nasty and critical tone? A true follower of Christ would NEVER be so rude and dismissive.
      You may not agree with what is being said, but please try to disagree respectfully.

      Titus 3:2
      to malign no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing every consideration for all men.

      Pro 13:3
      The one who guards his mouth preserves his life; The one who opens wide his lips comes to ruin.

    8. Be gentle please. You didn't need to say I have a FOUL SPIRIT.

      I NEVER called your rotten did I?

      First you come off as Shady in your nice nasty way to ask did the pro lifers at the banquet, addressed plans to advocate for children. This after I defined pro lifers as concerned about the sanctity of life in the womb. Then you started you next response SAYING in your smart alecky way "you don't know me.

      I did not making you in anyway, nor was I being dismissive. Again like I said, the pro lifers are fine. Start your own group.

    9. *malign..

    10. The person you are addressing did not say that you had a foul spirit, I did. This is supposed to be a Christian blogsite where believers can come together and share their thoughts about issues facing the church. We should be able to discuss those issues peaceably, even if we happen to disagree with the opinions of others. It was not my intent to make you feel bad, but if you continue to argue your point every...single...time, people will be less inclined to engage with you. Praying God fills you with His precious Holy Spirit.

    11. @Anonymous, the person with the really rude tone who said he doesn't Really care to know you...I suspect him to be "GET OUTTA HERE!!"

      This man would be rude to anyone he disagreed with. I suspect that it's him, even though he isn't using his slogan which is "Get outta here!!"

      Yeah by their fruit you will know them.

    12. @Anonymous "I did"

      If this is supposed to be a site where believers (not many here are, maybe you too) come to share about a topic, then SHARE ABOUT THE TOPIC. I did exactly that with the initial post on the topic. I mention no one should redefine "pro-life" and my experience about a banquet I attended. YOU and ANONYMOUS "suspected GET OUTTA HERE", responded to offer ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the SUBJECT. Sounds kinda crackish to me.

      And by the way if any one was offended because I could care less to meet an individual commenting on "cyberspace" and to call me rude for saying so, TOO BAD! Let's have some common sense here.

      And as far as this being a Christian website, that's a matter of opinion. I still say I smell rotten fruit.

    13. Anonymous, with the foul spirit, you're either a gay man or very damaged woman in need of God's healing and deliverance. How can anyone respond to the subject when you refuse to let them have an opinion. Instead of arguing with saved folks, why don't you take your talents and knowledge of the word over to some of those gossip sites, and try to get people saved. I think you'd do very well. God bless

    14. Nope. Wrong both ways. SORRY. I can tell you are a tad bit senseless, and your silly little counsel is USELESS! LET me remind you of all the post here for this subject, I'm the only one who've responded to the statements by the nun. Again simple logic with biblical backing she can not redefine pro life, the lords call for the respect for the sanctity of life. That's not gay theology, that's not opinion, that's not gossip. And by the way, I need not go to a gossip site, to get folks saved. I can stay right here to preach Jesus Christ to LOST PEOPLE LIKE YOU. Don't make the excuse to believe your own lie you don't have an opportunity to respond. Truth is you don't know the LORD, nor your BIBLE well enough to comment on the lies told by that Nun. DON'T be bitter. Be better.

    15. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    16. Truth can either hurt YOU... or SET YOU Free (if you let it)!

    17. With that attitude, you need to be worried about getting saved yourself. Smh...

    18. Nah little lady. WRONG AGAIN! Let me school you so maybe you can add some joy to your miserable life. I suspect you are really really lonely and bitter person.

      You gotta realize 1. The lie you say about my attitude. A good ATTITUDE does not save anyone. For even the road of good intention leads straight to hell. 2. To become saved you gotta realize it is by grace through faith, not by works, lest any man should boast. You find that truth in the Book of Ephesians. 3. If you reject this gospel message, you will remain in sin and in your flesh, feeling the guilt of your stain of the lust in your flesh doing things uncomely, and the lust of your depraved mind to feel lowly and inadequate.

      Look...God can raise you up. You gotta not kick against the prick, and fight against me his child, the TRUTH I'm telling you here. The LORD loves you despite the hurt you suffer being taken advantage by those close to you.
      You better listen. You better obey. The way of the trangressor is HARD!

    19. @anonymous who said, "Nah little lady. WRONG AGAIN! Let me school you so maybe you can add some joy to your miserable life. I suspect you are really really lonely and bitter person."

      If you had the spirit of God anonymous man, then you wouldn't need to suspect, you would KNOW.

      You like to revile and argue which your boy Paul said to avoid such people. 1 Cor. 5

  2. Nice try by the nun to try to change the definition of pro life. But it is not to government responsibility to take care of your child. If you can't feed the baby then don't have the baby. There is plenty of birth control methods so there is no excuse for people to continue to have children that they cannot take care of.We need to get back to family planning instead of accident babies.

    1. William Thomas, you are almost there, at least the first 2 sentences of your post. Keep seeking Him and learning His Word. Maybe you'll become one of those "super saved saints".


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