The Danger Of Donald Trump Pandering To White Evangelicals!!!

Reader 45 clearly has no idea what he is opening up here. He told his political base of evangelical Christians that he would continue to restore the religious liberty many of them feel they’ve lost.

While millions of Americans spent Thursday glued to television coverage of former FBI director James Comey’s testimony, Donald Trump took time to bask in the adulation of Religious Right activists who gathered in D.C. for Road to Majority, the annual conference hosted by Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition. Every person of any amount of faith should be very, very uncomfortable with this twisted version of using "religion" to obtain political power.

To start with, Christianity in general especially a particular brand of it should not enjoy any special protection under the law.  That should mean that Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Rastafarians, SIkhs, Buddhists, Native American religion, etc. get equal protection.

That also would mean that the Sister Wives may be having a very special episode in which their marriages all become legal under the proviso of freedom of religion. I'm OK with that, in fact I think it's the right thing to do, but I'm sure 45 has no idea what he just opened up.


  1. Miss Ann,

    45 knows what he just opened up. But do the white Evangelicals know?

    The proof is in the pudding.

    I think 45 is making business deals in the back end especially through his older children. The White Evangelicals could be blind to this. All 45 has to do is sing along with their chorus.

    Then he will meet with the Coalition for Israel, sing their chorus, meet with the Saudis, sing their chorus too and have them sign an arms deal.

    Have the white Evangelicals taken all the above and more into consideration? No. They just want to hear him say something to them (itching ears). Wait for the details of the restoration of religious liberty to emerge. The evangelicals might end up screaming "foul" instead.


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