The 50th Anniversary Of The Gospel Music Workshop Of America.

Reader, good Wednesday morning to everyone, I 'm praying everyone reading this post will have a wonderful and awesome day in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

The Gospel Music Workshop of America will be celebrating it 50th years in existence next month in Atlanta GA. It was founded 50 years ago by the late Rev. James Cleveland. 


  1. Join us as we "clelbrate" ? Nobody in the church caught the misspelled word?

    1. That should be a warning right there. I can't believe church folk are still honoring James Cleveland?!

  2. I don't understand why events like this cost so much. $200 to sit in the bishop's circle? Eating at the most expensive restaurant in my city is LESS THAN $150. I CAN EAT STEAK, LOBSTER AND MUCH MORE FOR LESS THAN $150 !!

    Even THE LORD FED THE 5000 CROWD A 2-PIECE FISH DINNER *FOR FREE* (fish and bread Matthew 14:13)!! What am I getting by paying $150 to $200 for this event??

  3. Amazing anyone would work through the carnality of his own flesh, and the foolishness of his mind, to concoct any idea of a "celebration" tied to the evil and wicked James "Sodomite" Cleveland. I could care less he is a "musical genius" and even that's debatable.

    No telling how many children had been molested and sodomized by this oversized pervert. He used his musical talent and power to prow on many of his victims. It is openly confirmed, this gay musical giant carried on a sexual relationship with Christopher Harris, his foster son (can you believe that), for over five years. Cleveland died of AIDS, and Mr. Harris suffers from HIV.

    In my opinion, James Cleveland is far worse than Eddie Long. You will never hear of anyone doing a celebration in honor of Eddie Long. Just goes to show the demonic dark cloud over black gospel music (KIRK, Israel, Cobbs, YOLANDA, Ceasar, etc).

    I will never, ever become a fan of GMWA. The funk of homosexuality wreaks through the core of that organization, yet many follow to support to inhale all its stench. It's no surprise the devil will mesmerize many to bambozzle hundreds of dollars out from their poor pockets. All under the guise of being blessed through their songs. If any of them had a heart, they would envision to give most, if not all the proceeds from their collection, to all of James Cleveland's victims, as these have suffered because of the luring lust of this musical warlock. We should never support the hands of the wicked.

    1. i tell you what: i'll take all the gospel music made by lgbt folk over the years, you can have the rest, and you know who wins. xo


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