Prophet Mike Claiborne I Can Not Be Silent On This!

Reader so Prophet Mike Claiborne just finished up a Facebook live post in which he addresses the rumor that he and his wife Lisa had a physical altercation...that never happened. He does admit that he and his wife had a disagreement about a church issue that resulted in them getting into a small altercation.👀

The prophet spent a couple of minutes first talking about how he normally don't respond to foolishness, then he finally addressed the accusations by saying he don't use profanity never have in his 50 years of living. Then he did a little dance around routine saying his wife was home then at church meeting then she felt "strange" and went to the hospital. He's saying what's more important is whoever is in his camp did not send the picture to the media it was sent to a family member who sent it to others.
Video Here: 


  1. I don't know this couple at all, but something doesn't smell right about his claims.

    Time for Cop to "INVESTIGATE"!!!

    He stated that they didn't get into a fight but had a disagreement, THAT TURNED INTO PHYSICAL ALTERCATION.
    That sounds like the perfect definition of a fight to me.

    So the next day his wife isn't feeling well (COINCIDENCE 🤔) and she is sent to the hospital.

    Now if she just wasn't feeling well the hospital wouldn't put her in a "Miami J collar" (AKA a neck brace) unless there was evidence of some type of trauma to her neck or spine.

    He also seems more concerned about who took the photo and put it on the internet then for his own wife's health.
    Does she feel Better?
    Is she still in the hospital?
    Do we need to pray for her health?

    1. Doing the live stream people was asking him was he in a hotel room? If so why?

  2. Miss Ann,

    Claiborne should have just kept his mouth shut.

    1. The Lord Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not want, I agree with you,...he said during the stream that someone told him to get a PR person but he felt that he could handle this firestorm by himself....he has done a lousy job in my opinion.

    2. He needed a pr person to handle this!

  3. He sounds just like James Fortune about a year ago.
    Deny deny deny.
    Until police reports come out.

    1. Cop I agree with you, once the police report is leaked to the media he will be doing some back peddling.....I think he just should have remained silent until the storm had blown over.

  4. Mike C, if your going to lie, be a GOOD liar.

  5. He's a fake who has beat his wife and sent her to he hospital. He calls it an attack but it's Gods judgment. Praying that he is being shut down today.

  6. Cop I again refer to you. You had insight ten years ago about this foolishness. These events don't fall under the category of "stuff happens." I mean we put not our trust in man, but we must trust someone. These so called Pastors lack .. I dunno... I guess I don't wanna put my mout' on any MOG.

    1. Against an elder receive not an accusation, except before two or three witnesses.
      1 Tim 5:19

    2. 1 Timothy 3 describes those who are worthy to take the office of elders.

      Does Claiborne qualify?


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