Church Mess: Pastor Jamal Bryant Has Been Found In Contempt of Court Over Child Support Case!

Reader, good Friday morning to everyone, I 'm praying everyone reading this post have a wonderful and awesome day in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So, The Jasmine has an exclusive report  that mega preacher and ‘The Preachers’ talk show co-host Jamal Bryant was found in contempt of court, for his failure to obtain medical insurance for his child, along with failing to pay for expenses. Now a judge has ordered him to pay up ASAP.

Here’s the latest: On June 6th, the judge came back with his decision on the matter. The order states the issues that Bryant’s baby mama (LaToya Odom) raised were Bryant failing to pay child support on time, failure to provide medical & life insurance and failure to pay 75% of the uninsured medical expenses.

After reviewing the evidence, he found Bryant did not pay his child support untimely. However, he noted that he did fail to obtain medical &  life insurance for his kid and failed to pay 75% of the medical expenses.Bryant was ordered to pay $2,240.19 + $1,018.12 for a grand total of $3,258.31, then he will be purged of contempt.


  1. 1 Timothy 5:8
    A man that doesn't take care of/provide for his family IS WORSE THEN an unbeliever.

    Yet, people provide excuses for this MAN (and I use that term loosely) so he can stay in the pulpit because he KEEPS IT REAL,🙄 and he is a great activist.
    (Can we get an activist to intervene for HIS child?)

    Is it to much to expect a man of God to pay for HIS kids medical bills WITHOUT HAVING TO GO TO COURT!!!

    And as far as we know, he has yet to even meet the newest member of his family.

    I ask again questions of this church that has allowed him to led.

    Is Jamal Bryant the BEST MAN you can find to be a representative for God and your church?

    Are there no REAL MEN to stand up to Jamal and SIT HIM DOWN because he continues to show how unworthy he is of his position?

    Surely there most be at least ONE MAN in the church that has ONE WIFE, TAKES CARE OF HIS KIDS, and isn't trying to find the spot light that would be more worthy to lead this church.

    And please, don't start with the "HIS BABY MAMA AIN'T ACTING RIGHT"

  2. Well to be fair. There are many people who can't afford health insurance/. Maybe he can, I don't know. However I think its unfair for it to be a crime when there are happily married couples who have children and who cannot afford insurance, they are not penalized. That being said. The fact is he has a baby mama. Its the reality on the ground. He has gotten caught in a spiders web. A web where this woman will be his nemesis and try to make his life a living hell.

    If its not support, its going to be bills. Then it will be private school, and braces, and trip to Disney. He may be a rascal, but I am 100% sure his kid is not starving. We as a people need to stop using the court system to solve trivial matters.

  3. Jamal probably gets at least $50,000 a year salary for being the pastor of a large church. If he can't afford health insurance for ONE child...that means he's mismanaging his money!!

    Jamal could have avoided all that drama if he had kept his marital vows.

  4. Replies
    1. Its unfair to say that. You don't know the man.

    2. You're right, We don't know him. But we do the facts

      He denied the child was his until the boy was a year old.

      Even after the proof he was the father he delayed paying child support until it was taken to court.

      Now he's in contempt of court because he won't pay for medical insurance or fees associated with HIS CHILD.

      And STILL has yet to be a major presence in this childs life to help raise him. (Although the mom may have something to do with that)

      Based on all this information, he has shown the behavior of a person that doesn't care.

      Y'all better stop giving excuses for this MAN OF GAWD and show him some tough love by exposing who he REALLY IS.

    3. Cop I cannot disagree with you. Albeit though under different circumstances, I have been accused of such. You need to understand as I suspect you do, that Child support and supporting a child may not be the same thing. Child support is what is mandated by a court and many times paid thru said court. Even if one supports the child outside of such arrangement it does not count.

      Many children are being supported and then the woman files for "child support". Now I will admit he placed himself in a bad situation by fathering an outside child. Notwithstanding he did he, the fact is 95.212% of ladies will give a non-custodial father, problems in having easy access. Of course they will claim the dad is not in the kids life. Of course you cannot be if court mandates times and dates. Anything outside of that can be construed as harassment and stalking.

      I am simply stating their are real issues, and legal issues. As one who has been thru this mess I link Thomas has to see proof. I refuse to believe(in as much I don't dig the fellow) that he would let his own blood starve, when he is always doing collections and service for this underprivileged person or another.

    4. @ anonymous,

      What I stated probably didn't come out right. And I know the court systems are skewed.

      That's why our LORD and savior implores us to agree with our adversary quickly before they deliver us to the judge (Matthew 5:25). A word to the wise - anyone ready to take you to court is NOT your friend!

      Bryant on the other hand is in a different category. He already has an ex-wife he has to support and other baby's mothers. Then he had another with Miss Odom, who probably watches RHOP and wants the same status.

      If Bryant did care at ALL (and a man of faith in Christ Jesus) he would have lived his life in an honest manner, and there wouldn't be malice spoken of him whatsoever. (1 Peter 2).

  5. Birth control would have prevented that via condoms pills or ABSATANCE! He is way too old to be caught up in this type of drama over and over again. Yes the Law is for the lawless, and because he won't do what is right on his own then the alternative is to take his tail to court and make him take care of his responsibilities. She should ask the court to spend his license and take his passport. Tax payers nor titters should NOT have to support his kids or any of these infidales.

  6. Believe me he gets far more than 50,000. He an AME. His church is one of the top churches. He can afford it . He's probably paid in the range of 70,000 to 100,000 a uear.Im in a,small AME church and mines get pd 35,000.a year plus All A M E pastors houses, insurance and other things are paid by the church. Don't believe me read the AME Discipline and Doctrine. They justallowed him to change the name of the church but he's still AME

  7. And his talk show co host followed right in his footsteps!!! Dewey had a good example of who NOT to follow!! LMAO


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