Church Announcement: Jesus Conference 2017??

Reader a new encounter Jesus movement is being born (check out some of the names on the flyer) according to social media and the many of it followers.....this will be a movement that will sweep through the land one day:

**If you don't attend the Jesus Conference 2017 in Orlando at the end of are missing a HUGE open door of growth that God has opened for you!!!
**Trust me on this!! The tickets will sell out early like they do every year. The time is now!!
**Do not chase the "man", chase the presence that shows up there!!

This holds deepest well of His living water that I have ever accessed!!! All the speakers spend at least an hour of deep soaking with Jesus everyday in the secret place. The fruit of it shows up every year at The Jesus Conference~ Facebook.

I don't mean to be rude but I think that for the majority, real change comes from encountering Jesus many times. Not just one offs. But much as any relationship, hanging around Jesus is what we should seek and not events. I've had lots of encounters but for me it's the continuous engagements with Jesus that have really changed me.


  1. I don't disagree or challenge the encounter and what it can bring, however I do wonder why it is always necessary to put up the false white supremacy image of jesus. aren't these the same evangelicals that pushed for and supported trump? The old black church would run and support these folks while the new black church who is enlightened will be inclusive in its audience and not use such images.

    1. Derrick O Davis I wondered if anyone else would catch that. How do you know if I support this or not?

    2. And a black picture of Jesus for this conference will do what for the dying souls of Black folks?

      The Jesus of the Bible is the promised Redeemer way back in Genesis 3. He was prophesied about by the GREAT prophets of the Holy Writ. He came exactly as anticipated, born of a virgin, in a lowly manger. He taught the TRUTH in the synagogues, HE was before Abraham. He did tons of miracles, supernatural acts as only God could perform. He died on the cross for all the sins of mankind and rose on the 3rd day. All this as revealed by God as outlined in His Holy Scriptures. I seriously doubt the idiots of this cast here, will preach one once of the REAL Jesus of Scriptures.

      So a pic of a Black Jesus will do what? Prove these folks aren't racists? Any white person can put up a Black Jesus. That will not mean he is not racist. Maybe a Black Jesus will provide for a real image of a true physical representation of Jesus? So what? Help Black folks with their esteem and image? How so?

      Mighty strange we have more to say about Jesus and his skin color, more than the LORD had to say about Himself and his skin color. He mentioned words of and from eternity, to encompass the heart and soul of all man, the livelihood as they should exist, and the eternal state of his soul after they die, but never mentioned the color of His skin. INTERESTING!

    3. Haha Ms. Ann that's the same white Jesus image that they claim is protecting the white house and 45 right now.

    4. Yell Anonymous color don't matter only when you say Christ was Black, that's.... the only time it matter.

    5. And read in what you want to read to make a non-point. I NEVER SAID COLOR DOESN'T MATTER! again reply and answer what would a pic of a black Jesus do for this conference? Please, DO TELL.

  2. ...and not one Black person on the flyer. We're gonna finally learn not to invite just anybody to our cookout.

  3. Miss Ann,

    Obedience to the commandments of our LORD Jesus leads us to life, preservation, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding (Deuteronomy 8:3, Psalm 19, 119, Matthew 4:4) and it is the only way we can prove our love for him (John 14:15).

    It doesn't take a conference to have this revelation. It takes reading the WORD of God.

    And as for Messrs Hinn, Copeland,and Hickey, ... well... they're about the $$$. And they will come packed with strange doctrine (Hebrews 13:9).

    Y'all have been warned.

  4. Ms Ann. I don't know if this is allowed but please indulge me.


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