Can A Fallen Leader Be Restored???

 Reader good Friday morning to everyone, I 'm praying that everyone reading this post has a wonderful and awesome day in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

 I stumble upon this interesting blog post that I would like to share will you all. Many “pastors” have made a public spectacle of themselves through the public exposure of their immorality. God certainly offers forgiveness to all who repent, but should that forgiveness ever include restoration to the church office of pastor or elder? In other words, can pastors be restored? Of course, they can! The aim of the gospel is restoration and no one is exempt- including pastors. But that’s probably not the best question. A better question is probably, should they be?

Jamal Bryant, Jimmy Swaggart & You: Can Fallen Leaders Be Restored?


  1. The first question is: Where they called by God to be a leader in His church? Or have they appointed themselves? If they where called by God then He Himself will restore them after they have repented. If they called themselves then after repentance they should take a seat in the church pew. And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted. Matthew 23:12

  2. Can they be restored???

    But to RETURN TO THE PULPIT and LEAD THE CHURCH would give me pause.

    It most cases these pastors have USED & ABUSED their power to commit these acts.
    So clearly these fallen men may truly love God, but can't handle the power of the leadership that comes with being a pastor.

    Also some of these pastors haven't stepped back enough to even be restored from anything.

    Using Jamal Bryant as an example, when has Jamal Bryant EVER been reprimanded for his escapades?
    He was never punished, Suspended, or stripped of his title. After each baby mama, and failure to pay child support he was right back in the pulpit. This happens often in churches were the leader is worshipped as God.

    If a pastor has I committed a crime, or some other moral failing and has was never taken out of leadership for an extended period of time. I would question the churches oversight and the churches leadership to hold the pastor accountable for his actions.

    The office of leadership in the church is for a special few. Men that have ABOVE AVERAGE self-control, not in it for fame or fortune, and willing to call out sin (even their own).

    If your pastor has a problem walking the straight and narrow, staying out of his own way, and committing self-inflicted problems. I'm going to assume that God never called him to pastor a church, and should never have led a church to begin with.

  3. Miss Ann,

    Question: is the "pastor" repentant?

    Because most of them take the flock for granted like forgiveness is a given. Swaggart was restored but fell back into the cycle. So what changed?

    Bryant is.... well... Bryant. He doesn't care about his lifestyle and none of his fellow "preachers" is calling him out. On the talk show that he hosts with his colleagues, they had a segment where they paraded the wives. Bryant all big and bold brought in a woman who wasn't his wife nor fiance. What was that?

    If they are not willing to sit out and change their sinful ways, why restore them to keep getting paid to finance their unrighteousness?

    They should get jobs elsewhere instead of using the name of the LORD in vain.

    1. Perfect description of Jamal, "Bryant is.... well... Bryant"

      Bryant (and any other corrupt pastor) not willing to sit themselves down, or BE SAT DOWN,
      Will NOT, and has no reason to, change their behavior.


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