Are Black People Cursed? When Will The Southern Baptist Conference Denounce The Curse of Ham?

Reader, in my opinion, The Southern Baptist Conference messed this resolution thing up in a bunch of ways. One major way was working AGAINST the initial proposal dealing with the Curse of Ham. I have always wondered how otherwise good, Christian people could have condoned devilish practices like slavery, segregation, and supremacy. 

"The Curse of Ham" is a significant teaching, longstanding in the South. There were Baptists saying this stuff when I was a child (also raised in the Baptist church) Even the author of the proposal Pastor Dwight Mckissic said that if he could have changed ONE THING about the amended version, he would have left in the discussion of the Curse of Ham? Why? Because people STILL use and BELIEVE that stuff. The more cynical side of me says that the SBC knew that if they were to formally knock the Curse of Ham, it would reveal how many Southern Baptists really believed that...and they didn't want that.

Yesterday SBC resolution touched on the church’s racist history, as the Southern Baptists once prominently taught the “curse of Ham” theory, which the resolution describes as “echoing the belief that God through Noah ordained descendants of Africa to be subservient to Anglos” and “which provided the theological justification for slavery and segregation.” The "curse of Ham," which has been used to justify the belief that black skin was a curse and that people with black skin were meant to be subjugated. 

"The Curse of Ham" is a singularly disgusting, immoral, and repugnant theological-heresy claiming that through Ham, Noah's son, Africans were cursed by God to be ruled by Europeans. Although totally refuted in academic circles this pseudo-theology is not, as some people claim, fully exorcized from Christianity it still exists as a primary heresy in many places and shadows most mainline Protestant denominations as we deal with past sins and inclusion.


  1. Miss Ann,

    Denouncing the curse of sin for the SBC will never happen.

    The onus is on us to live in the freedom that Christ provided at the cross. It is, after all, for freedom that He set us free. Why should we live under this misinformation bondage and hope that SBC will understand that the Ham curse is a lie? (Galatians 5:1).

    PS - We are also free to ignore them.

  2. You can't claim that a certain people are cursed AND BELIEVE JESUS IS THE SAVIOR.

    Because it's a complete contradiction to what you believe.
    If Jesus CAN'T save a particular race of people, then he is a fraud.

    Although I am sure this type of thinking is just an excuse to hold racial biases.

  3. Ham is the progenitor of the dark races.Egyptians, the Canaanites, Ethiopians and Libyans....not the negro.

  4. Ham is the progenitor of the dark races.Egyptians, the Canaanites, Ethiopians and Libyans....not the negro.


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