Stop With The Nonsense No, Christianity Ain't Being Persecuted At All They Just Want To Create A Theocracy

Reader, good Sunday morning to you all, and happy Mother's day to all the mothers everywhere.  I'm praying everyone has a marvelous and wonderful day on today, let's make it do what it do in Jesus Powerful name.

Declaring that “the Christian faith is under siege,” Vice President Mike Pence promises Christians will get special protection while speaking at The World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians.

I feel sorry for all tax paying none Christians in America who are not allowed to practice their faith freely, can't worship on any day they pick and can't attend special services throughout the week if they chose without a red caution light going off. 

In my humble opinion, the ONLY "war against Christianity" in this country is the one Pence and his supporters are fighting by violating the 1st Amendment and demanding all religions other than theirs be banned and disrespected. They demand world domination and control and by their own actions against others proves they are biased and discriminatory against all who do not sit in their pew and sing their hymn. 


  1. So pence is about ' the plight of persecuted Christians' but NOT other religions ?
    Does he grasp the American concept of freedom for All religions and
    government NOT promoting any one of them over the others ?
    He might be More dangerous than tRump the bungling baboon .

  2. Enough already! Christianity is now and has been for the last 2000 years the most privileged religion in the world. Cease the Christian assault on traditional American values like education, science, marriage, tolerance, women, children, freedom of thought, the Constitution, and we'll stop defending ourselves. Panhandling your faith at school, on the street, at work is harassment, and the rest of us have a constitutional right to be free from it. Everyone's heard the Good News. Most nonbelievers know it better than the evangelicals; hence, the non-belief. It doesn't need to be spread any more. Christians like Pence give it more than they get it, and the rest of us are just getting tired of being hit over the head with this false narrative. Christianity is more entrenched in our society now than it was in 1789.

  3. To the first two commenters
    ...AND THE PROBLEM IS? In the Millennial kingdom, ONLY THE RELIGION OF JESUS CHRIST EXISTS. After The Lord returns, ALL worship is directed at him! If you're griping now, then you WON'T be a part of God's kingdom in the future.

    Panhandling is what you call it? When imams blast their hatred of anyone who is not Muslim, when Christians are fined for refusing to bake cakes for gay couples.

    If you hate it here so much, why don't you pack your bags and move to the Middle East where YOU as a WOMAN are forced to walk outside with a black sheet that covers your face.

    People like you and your ilk sound like you would get the Mark of the beast, because Christianity is getting on your nerves. And HOW is Christianity more entrenched in our society...when every sitcom is secular? When most of the TV shows have cussing and unmarried people sleeping together? When I hear about police brutality? How is our society more Christian when cities like Chicago have more murders every day? Yeah...that sounds like America is really a Christian nation...NOT!!

    Don't HATE the Bible because some evangelicals hate their fellow man.

  4. Ms. Ann, this is not ok. It's Mike Pence duty as a leader in this country to be a champion for ALL Americans, not just those who are Christian. You say you are persecuted?! You are persecuting anyone who does not share your beliefs!

  5. Replies
    1. You sound like Chicken Little. One minute you say pray for our leaders then the next day you follow the crowd of haters.

    2. We are to pray for our leaders that WE may live in peace!

      "...prayers... be made... For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty." (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

      It doesn't mean that the leaders are saved and sanctified! I follow the WORD of God and NOT crowds.

      Get that right!

  6. My understanding of Mike Pence's speech is that he is referencing persecuted Christians around the world. Those who live in countries that don't allow people of the Christian faith to practice their religion without persecution, or even death. I don't know that he is also saying that because this Summit is about persecuted Christians specifically that he is against religious freedom for other religions as well.

    I'm also not aware of religious freedom in this country being denied to anyone legally, or that Pence is saying other religions should be banned and disrespected?

    I did not vote for Trump/Pence, but I'm just not seeing any violations against the 1st Amendment here. Since when have non-Christians in this country not been allowed to practice their faith freely throughout the week, or attend "special services", whatever that means? I'm sorry, I don't understand this response. This is the first World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians and 130 nations are participating. This theme doesn't mean that he is against this same freedom for other religions, or I should say I don't feel that way, but maybe I missed something.

  7. (I'm a different Anonymous​) IJS....(SOME) of you all are the most spiritualy Ignorant people that say you are a follower of Jesus Christ. How in the world (not God) can you say that CHRISTIANITY/CHRISTIAN VALUES "ARE NOT" under attack...that came about "strongly" from the previous President and ALL of those other Anti-Christ people...ARE YOU SERIOUS??. All I can say is, THE RACIAL reconciliation that you want, WILL CONTINUE until you get your mind Transformed to the "MIND" of Christ instead of continuously HARPING on this White Evangelical nonsense. SO, I'm SMH....JESUS HELP US!!

  8. Christianity/Christian values have always been under attack. I'm not disputing that at all, neither do I agree with many of the policies of the former president. The Word of God teaches me my values and I will not side with anyone who believes contrary to the Word of God no matter who you are, or what political party you are a member of.


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