Lord Have Mercy, Is There Any Shame Left In These Preachers?Todd Bentley, Asks for Money to “Bless His Wife” for Her Birthday.

Reader, good Sunday morning to you all, I'm praying everyone has a marvelous and wonderful day on today, let's make it do what it do in Jesus name. This guy Todd Bentley has my timeline in a buzz over his latest request.  If you all want to clown on someone, this guy is a very good candidate. Cheat on his 1st wife and then married the person he cheated with. Now he wants the church folks to bless his wife for her birthday. Talk about someone deserving a spot on the hall of shame, it's him.


"Recently Todd Bentley, took to periscope to ask for money to “bless his wife” for her birthday. On Twitter, he posts, “Let’s bless my wife Jessa bentley! Her pay pal is http://PayPal.me/jessabentley,” which will take you to a PayPal account set up in his wife’s name so that she can purchase."


I first ran across this guy by way of some online saints years ago talking about some supposed healing "revival" in Lakeland, FL. Since then this wolf has been videoed kicking cancer patients and slapping folks mocking the name of Christ claiming false healings to pocket money. No, shame what so ever, he doesn't even try to be discreet about pilfering money from folks. I've seen preachers do this on many occasion, wanting to send the wife on trips for anniversary or birthday, at the expense of the  church. I want to bless her so send her some money. I say pay for it yourself ,disgusting.  


  1. Are people STILL following this clown???

    Anyone believing Crazy Todd Bentley is a true representative of Christ, DOESN'T WANT THE REAL GOSPEL.

    1. Cop I've never understood how anyone in there right mind could ever take this guy serious.

      This is almost as bad as lining up mega church pastors and their wives and asking you to financially bless them when they earn a very fat salary; makes me sick.

  2. Hitting people up to 'bless' his wife by contributing to a PayPal account for her birthday???? Are you kidding?,?? Wow!!!!!

    How about asking people to donate to organizations that help the needy, feed the poor etc in the name of his wife!!!!

    This is unbelievable. Smh

    1. Too lazy to work, so they use their lying tongues to deceive people for their money!! Shame

  3. this guy has been a fraud for years.. surprised he hasn't been banned from the country by now.. but thanks to gullible people.. he's still going strong!

    1. Depravity in the church.

  4. Pastor's do this every week. The only difference is instead of using PayPal they use the church pews.

  5. The same Todd Bentley that cheated on his former wife ��

  6. What is Bentley thinking? He has no credibility and is still trying to be relevant. I do not know what to think.


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