Former New England Patriots' Aaron Hernandez' Fiancée Sits Down With Dr. Phil For A No Holds Barred Interview.

Reader, less than a month after Aaron Hernandez’s shocking suicide, his fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez, will speak out for the first time in a sit-down interview with “Dr. Phil.” In a two-part exclusive, set to air May 15-16, the no holds barred TV personality will quiz Jenkins-Hernandez about the motive behind her fiancé’s decision to take his own life. “Did he kill himself so that you could collect $6.5 million?” Dr. Phil McGraw poses in the yet-to-air episode. 

On Tuesday, Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh tossed Hernandez’s murder conviction, citing a Massachusetts legal doctrine, in which convictions are essentially erased after an inmate’s death if the appeals options have not been exhausted.

In the preview, Dr. Phil asks Shayana Jenkins-Hernandez hard questions about the gay rumors surrounding her deceased fiancé, how she found out he was dead if he killed himself so she could collect $6 million and whether or not she believes he committed suicide in prison.
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  1. Oh why? Oh why did she have to go to Dr. Phil?

    This lady needs space and time to heal and NOT foolish media attention!

    Oh wait! Must be the $$$!


  2. I have no problem with her getting money. She has a daughter to provide for.


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