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Reader good Thursday morning to you all, I'm praying everyone reading this will have a wonderful and marvelous day on today, let's make it great in Jesus precious name.

 Grammy-nominated, Stellar Award winner, James Fortune returns with a must have album for this year. Dear Future Me is a genius body of work; a bold and courageous 17 track story that shares Fortune's heart of forgiveness restoration and celebration. "I Forgive Me" the lead single along with the title track "Dear Future Me" encourages the listener to live healed and free with enthusiasm and hope for the future. The lyrics speak like words from a diary entry pointing clearly to the past, present and future. "Dear Future Me", is an album that everyone can relate to. Fortune reminds us that with God and grace, we all have a future. This album is a reflective journey of growing, the process of moving and healing from what was, through what is, ending with what is to come.


  1. The free masons use the black and white (dualism concept). Mr. Fortune, a "gospel artist" finds it convenient to use the same concept and includes contrasting images of the same person. Is he "double faced"/"double minded"? Ergo can't be trusted?

    And what is the underlying message of his "everyone can relate to" album?

    It sure is not about obedience to the precepts of God!

  2. He is really sick. He should be in prison for the assault he did to his wife, that's all I got.
    Dr. Jackass and Mr Hide

  3. I truly pray for this man that almost killed his stepson and beat his wife. Either incident SHOULD HAVE PUT HIM IN JAIL.

    But it's EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for me to be sympathetic for a man who has done nothing but promote HIS OWN FORGIVENESS OF HIMSELF ever since he beat his wife.

    Has he mentioned ANYTHING about praying for his wife and kids in his interviews???

    Does he even mention anything about forgiveness for boiling his step son THAT STILL NEEDS SURGERY from the injuries he sustained 10 years ago?

    As for the album,
    It may have some good music, but I would rather hear a gospel album from Snoop Dog who has been married almost 20 years, has 3 kids and NEVER BEEN ARRESTED. Then from a SO CALL gospel artist who is anything but a gospel representative behind close doors.

    1. You must be trolling. Snoop Dogg has been arrested MANY times since he was a teenager. The fact is, he has never been "convicted."

  4. Snoop?��������
    Murder was the case they gave him. Johnny cochran got him off. No thanks. To each his own.


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