Bishop IV Hilliard's Official Statement On Detroit World Outreach Church Affairs.

Reader, good Tuesday morning I'm praying everyone has a marvelous and wonderful day on today let's make it great in Jesus name. Below the break, you can read Bishop I.V. Hilliard official statement on Detroit World Outreach Church affairs. 


  1. Oh....did he feel that way towards Reva when Timms died? He is another slick talking, money-grabbing old man.

    1. From the start of the process of looking for new leadership for New Destiny Christian Center, I believe if not mistaken that Bishop Dr. I V Hilliard was in full support of Ms. Tim's taking the leadership role at the church. It looked like he only back down and away from the situation after it was reveled that Paula White had slither her way in and would be given the church. Afterward,he announced his resignation from the Board of Bishops that were to help secure the transition of leadership.

    2. Of course he would ask everyone to support HIS family. I'm sure he spent many days praying over this, he is bias so why would anyone ask him because that is certainly a conflict of interest. Sell your mansion Ms Charisse and start your own church if you feel you want to be a preacher. Give up that lavish lifestyle and build what God is calling you to do instead of dragging DWO through the mud and trashing the Elders, that shows your true Christianity, you and your family. This is what the Bible talks about, this division you have caused by posting on social media and not doing this behind closed doors. Now you have your father-in-law fighting for you too, shameful.

    3. Dr.Charisse NEED to take her LITTLE 3 MILLION dollars bishop ben left her and do what her flesh IS telling her to do. SHE does not have the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD leading her it's all about money and prestige with her tight wearing CLOTHES. YOU are of your father the DEVIL. Flesh is against the Spirit and we the SPIRIT are against you the Flesh.


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