White Evangelical Churches Use ‘Race Tests’ on People of Color, Study Claims!

Reader, interesting research "Race Tests" are performances by white individuals and groups, in the presence of incoming people of color. A new study explores why nominally welcoming churches remain racially segregated in the post-civil rights era. The reason may be due to clergy and congregants in white evangelical churches who execute what the authors term "race tests" on incoming people of color.


Race tests may be used to determine whether people of color are willing to serve the interests of whites in the church or to coerce people of color into leaving. After examining data gathered from seven majority white, evangelical churches across four states, the authors provide examples of both types of race tests.

 "Bracey and Moore conclude that the American church is fighting against a centuries’ old habit of segregation. White Evangelical church members actively work, often implicitly, to maintain racial boundaries that serve their interests. Employed race tests and devastating microagressions are obvious barriers for people of color looking to belong in predominantly-White Christian spaces."


  1. No offense to anyone who is white. I have visited white churches and the minute I walked in, they turn and stare at you like "What are you doing here?" Even the children stare and gawk.

    You can discern the tension in the air. I tried not to sit directly by them because I could "feel" them being uncomfortable. The kids look at you like you're something from the zoo.

    If you a Black woman with hair on your legs, you BETTER SHAVE them legs! I made that mistake of NOT shaving and the look of DISGUST from the white people was very uncomfortable.

    THEN the worship service starts and I have pretended to enjoy singing the dry worship song they was singing. The pastor tells a few corny jokes, and preaches ONE scripture for one hour about how God is love. He doesn't use the scriptures about SHOWING love or about how to get delivered.

    Those services are as stale as can be! Anybody who enjoys THOSE kinds of services at white churches can have them!! NOW LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE WHEN A WHITE PERSON VISITS A BLACK CHURCH. You might have a FEW Black members who give them the side-eye but that white person gets treated like one of the family.


  2. This is why prayer is important when visiting and/or choose a church to join. Galatians 3:28 states we are all one in Christ. Therefore, race tests should not exist in either Black or White evangelical churches. Interesting study, but it missed the point Biblically from my perspective.

  3. I have been to a predominantly white church service before I enjoyed the service. Not sure what this study is talking about especially with such a small sample size.

    1. Any reputable study needs a decent sample size to draw correct conclusions. To make conclusions based on visiting seven churches is statistically unsound. A better approach would have been a random sample of churches within different regions of the country. One church does not represent the views of all Whites. I have been to White churches and they embraced me as a brother in Christ. In any case, it does pay to use discernment when visiting any church.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @William Thomas and Johnny Hopkins, "A better approach would have been a random sample of churches within different regions of the country" ?? Your words not mine.

    I am NOT doing a survey or collecting data to see how many White churches are racist! Was I not clear? I simply responded to an invitation and I believe that God Wanted me to see how *SOME White churches STILL treat people of color!! I was glad I see it firsthand.

    Like I am really going to fly around to different parts of the U.S. to collect a SAMPLE as you put it, to see who is racist and who is not.

    I stated my experience from SEVERAL churches. And I made it clear that NOT ALL White churches are like that. If am visiting from out of town and a friend who happens to be White, invites me to her church then I have accepted. And that has been my experience. The White churches who DO accept people of color, tend to have mixed congregations anyway!

    I'm not going to go back and forth with you. I put out a disclaimer, and somebody STILL came along and got smart. Telling me that I can't judge because I haven't traveled to enough White churches to make my claim. I specifically said SOME and all White churches AREN'T like that.

    Im not going to argue with your experience and you stop arguing with mine.


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