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Friday, April 7, 2017

Pastor Chris Hill Of The Potter's House Denver Church Has Been Removed From Bishop Jakes International Pastors & Leadership Conference.

Reader according to a currently circulating report on these streets, Pastor Chris Hill of The Potter's House Denver has been removed from Bishop Jakes International Pastors & Leadership Conference.....amid allegations from his wife that he has been having an affair with one of their church members.

T.D. Jakes Ministries confirmed the news today (Friday) that he had indeed been removed from the highly attended conference that is set for April 27-29 at Jakes’ The Potter’s House of Dallas in Texas. 

Here is the link to the original story of the affair allegations
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  1. Miss Ann,

    There's a possibility that Hill's ways were well known by the church members and not addressed by the church authorities. It is also possible that the wife had evidence she was about to put on blast and the church authorities acted by cancelling him from the conference.

    Questions: does this stop him from being the church pastor? Is he going to be asked to step aside for a season?

  2. A sitting pastor who cheats on his wife WITH A ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE CHURCH shouldn't be allowed to lead a church again.

    1: Because they lied to their wife and congregation while preaching against their own very behavior.

    2: He doesn't respect the vows of marriage, or care about the husband of the woman with whom he slept with.

    3: If the pastor doesn't have enough self control to STAY OUT OF ANOTHER MANS WIFE then pastoring is not for him.

    And last but most damaging

    3: His clear and selfish ABUSE OF POWER. Pastors are suppose to use the position to help change lives by guiding people to Christ.
    NOT for their own lust and desires, be it money, status or (in this case) women.

    They can still serve and bring others to Christ but clearly leading or pastoring a church is NOT for them.


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