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Friday, April 7, 2017

Naming Nashville Overpass After Bishop Joseph Walker Stirs Debate!!

Reader, naming a Nashville overpass after megachurch Bishop Joseph Walker III has stirred a debate among council members over maybe a "more deserving pastor" in the community.

 Some in the community has voiced their opinion by saying not only is it a mistake to name things after live people it is particularly bad if it is a religious leaders. How would the public like a bridge named after a Satanist or the Ayatollah? 

Erica Gilmore says she just wants to honor one of Nashville’s most prominent pastors — someone whose congregation has grown from 175-members 25 years ago to 30,000 today. But the at-large Metro councilwoman’s proposal to name a small overpass bridge on Jefferson Street after Bishop Joseph Walker III, pastor at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, has stirred an unexpected debate in the Metro Council, particularly among some of the council’s African-American members.
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  1. You know what's hard to find???

    A pastor who is ACTUALLY HUMBLE and willing to tell people NOT to name a church, ministry or OVER PAST after them.

  2. He looks like Rupal on this pic.. Why men shave their mustaches to look like that is so dumb. Just let age come natural. Grey and all.

  3. He isn't humble and he cheated on his wife that was sick with cancer with the second wife. That he is now married to. He just needs to tell the folks that would prefer that my name be withdrawn from the petition. Case closed. And stop being so arrogant. Just because his CHURCH is growing doesn't mean anything these days on times. Folks will follow anything and anybody. They follow for the music, the entertainment, the celebrities that attends,the mens, the womens, and the preacher. But not GOD.


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