"Is Born Again Virginity Possible?"

Reader, has anyone reading this article, notice that the latest trend among some of Hollywood's most famous Christians, are "The born-again virgin claim?"I always thought once an act is done, it's done. It is, therefore, not possible to claim physical born-again virginity, just as it is not possible to reverse the consequences of any other sins we commit. 

Anyhow, the born-again virginity is the claim that after having sex, a person can be restored to virginity by a spiritual renewal, vowing sexual purity until marriage and asking God for forgiveness. In the last couple of years, we have had Megan Good & Devon Franklin, Ciara & Russell Wilison and now Actor/singer Tyrese and his new wife. 

 Actor/singer Tyrese recently revealed during a promotional tour for his upcoming film The Fate of the Furious that he and his new wife, Samantha, are Christians, and that they became born again virgins before they got married. 

According to reports, some women have taken the idea of born-again virginity so far that they actually have had surgery to physically restore themselves to a "virgin" physical-sexual state. 

The pressure upon some Christians to become "born-again virgins" is likely due in large part to the fear of condemnation from Christian brothers and sisters, or perhaps fear that God will not accept them unless they take steps to become "born-again virgins."

 Neither of these reasons should be a concern because God offers forgiveness and grace to all who ask with a sincere heart (1 John 1:9). We need not try to restore for ourselves what God has already restored in us spiritually.



  1. I'm fine with born-again virgin because you know they not a actual virgin.

    But if they call themselves virgins then that is a flat out lie. And there no such as lying for the glory of God.

  2. I am laughing SOOOO HARD! These folks you're speaking of have to get their WALK right with God first.... CELEBRITY CHRISTIANS that are still part of the WORLD. FOOLISH!!

  3. It's really just becoming celibate. Losing your virginity can't be undone. We know the definition of a virgin is one who has never had sex, so you can't become a born-again virgin, but I understand what they mean by the term. Personally, I wouldn't use that term because I wouldn't compare anything to being born-again, but I understand they are declaring a holy lifestyle before God and saving themselves for marriage like God intended for us to do.

  4. Miss Ann,

    Since none of the above is living according to the precepts of God and are acting like they are living righteously, they do lie.

    Their declaration of being born again virgins doesn't translate into them believing that the LORD Jesus is their Saviour and that the life they now live is by faith in the Son of God (Galatians 2:20).

    They are living according to flesh which leads to sinful living (Romans 7:25). Believers beware!!!

    1. PS - Wendy Williams made a comment on her show recently on how Tyrese "likes" men. Could it be that he is in the closet?!

  5. I don't know who made up this born again virgin thing but it needs to go away. Once an act is committed it is done. You are just being celibate you are not a virgin.


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