First Baptist Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress Gandhi Going To Hell; Jimmy Carter May Be Leading People to Hell!

Reader most evangelical kills me always wanting to sit on the judgement seat of the almighty as if they are the one's in authority. It is sad that many evangelicals think they are going to heaven and have convinced themselves of that because they said a prayer they're on the narrow path. With all the hate in this little man
heart I do wonder what part of Hell will he be occupying? 

Megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress has argued that Indian spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi is going to hell for not being a Christian, and suggested that former President Jimmy Carter may be leading others to hell for suggesting otherwise.  
Source: Christian Post


  1. Who to say that Gandhi don't have eternal life? His chance of having eternal life is stronger for him than is for hateful Robert Jeffers. This is why folks should preach the Word and not only from their own biased preferences. It is the true Jesus is the Way to God and salvation but it's another thing entirely to apply it as to condemn people you disagree with. It reeks of theological pride. Jeffers have a heart full of hate, there's no way this wimp will be in heaven.

  2. If we are saying that Jesus is the way to salvation then he is correct about Ghandi because he practiced Buddhism and Hinduism but I disagree with him on Jimmy Carter leading people to hell because all Jimmy Carter said when asked about Ghandi and heaven was that he is not in any position to judge who is going to heaven or hell.

  3. Miss Ann,

    Preachers like this have a "tick". Why didn't he stick to preaching God's WORD?

    Such shouldn't be paid any mind whatsoever!


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