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Friday, April 14, 2017

A New Study Breaks Down What Christians Count As Cheating!

Reader, this is an interesting survey by Christianity Today.  I think CHEATING is a CHOICE and a carefully selected one at that. I'm speaking for me now. I would not dine alone with any man that is not my husband, son, brothers or nephews, out of respect for my husband. I hope he feels the same and would not dine alone with a female other than me, his daughter, sisters or nieces.   It's not because it is necessarily a sin, but to be respectful to the other. Especially with the caveat the posted question gives, "someone you are attracted to". I will not allow temptation that luxury. I'm not crazy I know my husband finds other women attractive, I am comfortable with that knowledge; likewise I find other men attractive. It is all how we operate within that knowledge. If either of us were to spend time alone with someone we were attracted to we would both consider the other has having cheated.

 A new study breaks down what Christians count as cheating: What’s cheating? That’s been the question on a lot of people’s minds this year, with several big instances of marital infidelity grabbing headlines. As times change, the perception of what cheating is and isn’t changes too—particularly as new technologies provide innovative means of infidelity. That’s true of Christians too, according to research from YouGov, as highlighted by Christianity Today.

 Adultery in 2017: Christians Rank What Counts as Cheating
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