You Have To Stop Letting The Enemy Sit You In The Corner And Beg For What Is Yours- ARREST HIM!

Reader, I can not tell y'all the last time I heard a sermon preached like this sermon which spoke directly to my present life situation.  Bishop Jakes Sunday morning sermon title “Arrest Him,” tells the hearers and doers of the word how opportunities are built on accessibility. If you’re not accessible, you will and can lose the opportunities to be used.

This message hit me in the heart because I'm starting to lose my faith and sometimes question why God won't' get me out of my  bad situation. I'm feeling like my time is running out. I'm trying not to give up faith or stop worshipping GOD because of my growing bitterness. 

The struggle is real. 

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  1. Miss Ann,

    We as human beings have no POWER to arrest the devil. All we can do is resist him and he will flee; but first we must submit ourselves to God (James 4:7).

    Read the WORD of God for life, preservation, wisdom, knowledge and understanding (Psalm 119).

    It is our obedience to the precepts of God that delivers us from the tricks of the enemy.

    Question: after arresting the enemy, what does the preacher say you do?

  2. It's sad how many Christians have NO DISCERNMENT or even common sense by even sitting through Jakes' messages and not lining up his words or theology with the TRUE WORD. Shall we call these Fake Christians instead?

    1. Linny the Hinny you sound like a fool.


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