When Lying On God Go Wrong: Pat Roberston “Mark My Words, God Told Me The Republican Health Care Bill Will Pass”!??!!?

Reader, do these people have even the slightest idea what Christ embodied? Love, compassion, kindness, charity, humility etc. are the attributes of a truly Christ like person, NOT obliterating the poor to benefit the rich. The hypocrisy is sickening. I would certainly hope they're able to be Christ like one day soon.
I'm a Christian, but I believe a lot of so called Christians are just racist bigots in sheep clothing. These people will be held accountable, God is good and sees all. 

On Thursday, right wing, Televangelist Pat Robertson lied on God as he started “The 700 Club” insisting that the American Health Care Act, the GOP written bill meant to replace Obamacare, “was going to pass” and “that it was going to give Trump a victory.”

“It’s going to go through the Senate, and we’re all going to rejoice that we’re going to pay less on health care,”

he said, even though most people would see their premiums skyrocket if the bill did manage to pass. Robertson said that

“he knew that the Lord was going to give Trump victory”

and that God is working through Trump to do amazing things.

“They’re going to get it,”

he said. “They’re going to give it to the president. Mark my word: it will pass. They will get those extra votes. It will go through. They’re going to work together to give us tremendous health care


  1. Somebody has got to call these wolves out. They have entered the camp and the unsuspecting people have no clue. Just because somebody call themselves minister don't necessarily mean they are on the Lords side. satan has ministers too. You shall know them by their fruits. Matt 7:16-20. I done took and told ya.

  2. I saw a post on social media the other day that basically put for the hypothesis that there is a difference between individuals who are "pro-Christian" and those who are "Christlike" or aiming to be "Christlike."

    I think there is something to this hypothesis because it seems that many are simply "pro-Christian" which could also be call "pro-freedom of religion" in my opinion.

  3. This lying man has been caught up in so many of his lying prophecies it is a disgrace before God. Why GOD hasn't taken him out by now I don't know. But GOD keeps on letting him making a pure FOOL out of himself. He is a pathological liar who is white who calls himself a evangelical Christian. So these folks will follow him and believe anything he says just because of that. They feel they have a special connection to GOD and only they have the right to hear and what thus sayeth the Lord. But that's a lie. GOD is going to continue to pull the covers off there lies and foolishness. Anyone or anybody that would aligned themselves with a RACIST, NARCISSIST,WHOREMONGER,ADULTER,RAPIST,NON CHRISTIAN, SLUM LORD, NON COMPASSION WHO DON'T THINK FOLK5 NEEDS HEALTHCARE, NOR FOOD, MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS. ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. THEY ARE THE SAME AS TRUMP IS. BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCKS TOGETHER.

  4. I am going to have to break this foolishness down into sections.

    1: These preachers and their "GOD TOLD ME" predictions. You would think that after a few high profile failed predictions they would have learned that most aren't hearing from God or at least be less proud about it. Because being proven wrong is humbling.

    2: Pass or fail, the health care bill proposed was going to make it tougher for those who need it most (poor, THE SICK, elderly). How any Christian can consider the passing of the bill as a good thing for people is beyond me.

    3: Why is Pat Robertson still on the air??? He has been saying foolish, uneducated & down right stupid statements for years. Yet done of the peers close to him have yet to sit him down because they idol worship the man.

    4: The excuse as to why the predictions didn't come to pass are pathetic.

    A: There is the "God changed his mind" excuse.
    Because God can't seem to make up his mind.

    B: Or the "I THOUGHT I was hearing from God".
    So there are times you SAY your hearing from God but it's not? And do you say you were HEARING FROM GOD when you preach on Sunday???

    C: And my personal favorite. I miss spoke. So you heard what God has to say and let everyone know and didn't think to be careful with your words.

    Just save yourself from further embarrassment and say you lied so we can move on.

    1. Cop,

      "God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things..." (Hebrews 1:1-2).

      This should shutdown any further foolishness from this old geezer and his ilk.


    Just because Trump (or anybody for that matter) is against abortion DOES MEAN they will make a good Political leader, or that we should EXCUSE their behavior and support their every action.

  6. Miss Ann,

    This man has been lying his entire life (including in his ministry). He lied that the Haitians suffered disaster because their ancestors sinned (and yet all they did was to fight for freedom against the white man - and he a white man calls that sin! SMH!!!).

    He still has his network because he belongs to the elite who don't care much for the outsiders (read viewers). So he'll say anything to get the attention and the ratings.

  7. Pat Robertson is senile so nothing he says should be taken seriously. As for the Republicans they just made themselves look like fools because they have been talking about repealing healthcare for seven years and could not come up with a plan that everyone can agree on. They need to make up their mind on whether moderates are allowed in their party or are they strictly a conservative party. I don't know why moderates just don't leave both parties and form their own party because there is no place for them. The Democrats want you to be liberal and the Republicans wants you to be conservatives.


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