The Rebranding Of Brian Carn Ministry!

Reader, what do people generally think of when they think about certain high profile teachers of the Gospel like Brain Carn, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, T.D.Jakes, etc? People often times connect these high profile men of God names to a personality and church.  I do believe Prophet Brain Carn is one who now is dealing with that question along with a branding issue. 

In the last couple of months, Prophet Brian Carn Ministries,  have been less visible on all social media outlets. And, yes, I did see the scope where Prophet Carn stated that God told him to leave all social media for a season, which seems kind of strange to me, oh well.  His leaving social media is considerable quite noticeable for someone who had built his present day generational following by way of social media. People are noticing the lack of presence. 

A couple of generations ago, all a preacher or teacher needed to be successful in ministry was a calling, a working knowledge of the Bible and a good set of lungs. It didn't take much back then, and great ministries were sometimes built with little more than a drivable car and a passion for sharing the gospel. Fast forward to, today it's totally different, the power of social media. 


  1. Carn to rebrand all day long.. right now I'm almost in shocked as to who just died. The one and only demonic individual himself, David Rockefeller 101. I can't believe it. Well, I guess they'll be another next 33rd degree, skull & Bones member to try and be led by satan to take over. Yep, the so-called globalist of this satanic world realize that you will die one day no matter what.

  2. Miss Ann,

    Same old, same old. Making merchandise of the unsuspecting (2 Peter 2:1-3)

  3. Does anyone know if he is still pastoring a church?

  4. You touched on something Ann.

    Many of today's most popular pastors wouldn't know how to minister if you took away their social media.

    They're so busy trying to expand their brand, entertain the congregation and promote the church as a business entity that they forgot the primary reason for pastors is to equip Christians led others to Christ Jesus.

    As for Brian Carin, he needs to stop playing games with his false predicting and then giving us some
    Lame excuse as to why it was wrong.


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