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Is This Event Like A Step Towards The One World Religion??

Reader thanks to Forerunner Chronicles Christopher Hudson for this post. What are your thoughts on this event? Forty plus speakers from around the world and across the streams of Christianity as they gather to seek the Lord for Unity and Revival as Jesus prayed in John 17, 'so the world will know him'.

The Attack Against Financial Guru Suze Orman!!

Reader Suze Orman hasn't until yesterday talked about politics on her Facebook page, until the new proposed BUDGET by 45 administration was made public. Suze Orman has always been about educating people about money & finances. 45 proposed 2018 federal budget has alarmed many, with its drastic cuts to health research, the arts, and programs that aid the poor. And one of the most alarmed is financial guru Suze Orman, who took to her Facebook page to say how terrible this would be. But some of 45 supports and uneducated voters didn't like what Suze had to say on the subject told her to shut up and leave politics along.  

 So let me get this straight y'all willing to listen to this financial expert UNTIL she goes against the budget the guy you voted for has proposed, and now all of a sudden she's a troll who needs to shut up and stay out of it?!?

“The budget that was presented this morning targets the poor and literally takes away vital financial help that many people currently need,” Orman wrote. “From subsidies for heating oil for people who can’t afford to pay to heat their residences in the winter to Meals on Wheels just to name two of the more than 60 government agencies and programs that would be entirely defunded.”


Suze Orman Facebook Post:

People in my opinion it is going from bad to worse. The changes that are about to happen effect lot of people. Those with no money - those that live in rural areas- those that are elderly - those that possibly the only meal they get is the one at school -and on and on. Those of you that thought you would be better off under this administration just need to open you eyes everyone and really see what is happening. This new change for instance effects our students so you best all be aware of this Today the Dept of Ed. (as in Betsy Devos) told FEDERAL loan servicers to disregard an Obama order that prevented them from charging crazy interest rates to borrowers who got into a “rehabilitation” payment program within 60 days of defaulting. Basically, Obama ordered a grace period for the borrower and lender to work something out. Now that grace period is gone.


  1. Hello everyone,I teach at a Title I school. 85% plus of our kids are on free or reduced lunch. We are in a high poverty area. We provide free breakfast for ALL students. For some it is the ONLY predictable meal they receive each day. We even open schools on breaks to provide food. Food instability is real. It breaks my heart!

    1. In my opinion Brandon Roman, the people that voted for Trump don't give a da*n about kids hunger. They are too busy thinking about a da*n wall that isn't going to stop anyone looking for a better life and mooslums (country slang for Muslims). Oh don't forget about the Bowling Green Massacre.
      Most teachers are going to come out of pocket (even more then they already do) and feed these kids on their own dime. A da*n shame.

    2. It's real Brandon. BUT let's keep it REAL, THIS did not just start with this Administration, RIGHT?


  2. I want to thanks Suze for coming forward. I'm shocked by some of the bashing comments when she is so right. Some people only have eyes for the small confined bubble they live in with no concern for other children, others educational choices, or the elderly. Speak freely it's your right.

  3. Of course she's getting backlash. First she's a lesbian. Second as long as she wasn't stepping on there toes and giving vital information for the poor to understand theu didn't care. But Suze Orman has always been very outspoken about everything she believes in. Folks needs to ear the truth and nothing but the truth from more Caucasians that have knowledge about finances, education, air quality, school lunch programs,after school programs, child care programs, meals on wheels,public broadcasting programs, social services programs, dial a ride free ride services for folks to get to doctor's appointments or grocery store. Just to name a few. This is serious buisness. Yes even free imunzations . Now some of poorest of the poorest that voted for that racist, Narrisst, bipolar disorder,liar, Trump are saying that I didn't know that he was gonna to that. Oh yeah you do. You listen to his speeches, you cheered him on, you chanted make america great again ovet and over, you said get rid of Obama Care. But you got health care under the Affordable care act ( Which tbey call Obama Care ) and half of those morons don't even know that they are the same. You can get your meds, your kids and your husband also. Now y'all about to nothing. Mike Pence was in Jacksonville Fla on Saturday with all those lies. We gonna replace Obama Care with the Affordable care act. You moron we already have the best in place. You moron are just upset that a EDUCATED IVY LEAGUE BLACK MAN NAMED BARACK OBAMA. GOT THE JOB DONE. AND Y'ALL NEVER COULDN'T GET IT DONE.They act like a my Granny use to say. Hell has no fury a woman scorned. ENVY, HATRED THAT'S ALL THOSE FOLKS HAVE FOR THE OBAMA'S.

  4. They can keep hating on Suze if they want to.

    But if Trump gets his way they're going to need her advice.

  5. This is fake outrage. This is probably the first time people has paid attention to the budget. This is just the beginning of the long budget process. Nothing has been finalized. If anything is cut you need to blame Congress because they are the one who vote on the budget.

    1. Mr. Thomas....I agree. This is just another ploy steer the mind's of the American people to focus on TRUMP insensitivity to the poor and needy.

      I'm not sure all details of the Budget cuts proposed by TRUMP. I'm guessing cuts to THE ARTS may not be a bad thing. As far as cutting back on health organizations for research, I have mixed feelings about that, especially knowing the health industry is a RACQUET anyways. Maybe some cuts are needed there.

      No one wants to talk the elephant in the room,the $9.8 million America provides each day in military aid to Israel even before TRUMP got in office. Previous complaints were made here recently about the budget cuts for foreign aid. None of the so-called Christians per the post, ever mentioned anything about AID to the Palestinians who are suffering everyday under the terror of Israel. Innocent women and children everyday. Anyone ever wonder or cared to write / talk about how $9.8 million could be used differently to help programs like meals on wheels, energy assistance for the elderly, bio research, jobs, school programs, etc.

      I hate AGENT provocateurs!!!


    2. And one more thing. Suze Orman is not only a lesbian. SHE is A JEW! I'm not surprised they elite would use one of their own (a financial guru) to chime in to steer everyone away from the elephant. If you want to know the REAL Suze Orman go to


      If we are going to question the QUALIFICATIONS of TRUMP, we should do the same for this lady as well.

      I hate AGENT provocateurs!!!


    3. @Get outta here!!! Your bashing of Jews is evident and has not gone unnoticed. The LORD God promised Israel to the JEWS (you love apostle Paul...who by the way, is Jew!) The Palestinians (actually the modern word Palestinian comes from the Philistines...) were supposed to be DRIVEN OUT in the Old Testament. Since the children of Israel did NOT do that, the Palestinians have been a thorn in Israel's side. No other culture, besides the Islamic culture glorifies death and teaches their children to be suicide bombers or martyrs.

      Read your BIBLE to see how God feels about the Apple of his eye, Israel. Read the same Bible you tell others to read. In Revelation, the names of the children of Israel are written on the gates of the New Jerusalem. Those names of the tribes are Jewish, they aren't Arab or even Palestinian names.

      The apostle Paul was and is, a Jew from the tribe of Benjamin. Point? You can't quote apostle Paul who is a Jew and then rant against Jews. It doesn't work like that.

      God told Abraham that his descendants would be as the sand by the sea. "I will bless them that bless you, and curse them that curse you." The last thing that anybody should want is a curse from God over their lives.

      Plus...there are MILLIONS of BLACK Ethiopian Jews living in the ancient nation of Israel.

    4. YUP...Paul was a Jew, but never spoke in a way because of his status as such, he was chosen. He placed his faith in the Messiah, the One spoken of by the great men of God, the prophets of the Old Testament, his Damascus Road experience, where he encountered the LORD, who changed his life. He was inspired by the Spirit to say to the Galatians "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus". Any who will be saved today must place their faith in Christ and believe in His shed blood as remedy for their sins.

      It is a known fact, that those who run the nation of Israel today are not Jews. These are Europeans hiding under the Name to influence the world through their belief in the Kabballah and the Talmud. God did give commands in OT for Israel to drive out other nations because these nations had been in rebellion and outright choose to worship the creature rather than the Creator. In a lot of cases, God tolerated their disobedience for over hundred of years because He is all Merciful. But we can't use those experiences God penned in His Word to apply how this Land was stolen today. Even many who practices Judaism today disagree with and protest against these folks calling themselves Jews running the State of Israel. They hate Christianity and the Christ it stands for.

      As far as those in Palestine, it is said there over 38000 Christians residing there, way more than those living in the State of Israel. I will never be convinced the State of Israel was commanded by God to inflict murder and suffering on His true saints living in Palestine.

      And even in our nation, these folks who call themselves Jews run the media, and are the main influence behind our politics and the immoral filth of this nation. As for the Black Ethiopians in Israel, they are treated like less than class citizens over there. These Talmudic Jews are not chosen by God. Most are atheists and Luciferian. And for Christians to support the their lies and push for this country to support these people is OUGHT RIGHT SIN. Do your own research to note the real history how these folks stole that land in 1948, using the Balfour Declaration to do so. Has nothing to do with God.



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