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Friday, March 17, 2017

So Tasha Cobbs and Jekalyn Carr Are Not Included In Every Stop Of "THE BLOODY WIN TOUR"???

Reader I'm asking about this for a friend who's kinda disappointed that Jekalyn Carr will not be performing in Jacksonville FL, during The Bloody Win tour. 

 The upcoming 19-city trek across America "Bloody Win Tour," with gospel songwriters Tye Tribbett and JJ Hairston 😕will not be included on every tour stop Tasha Cobbs or Jekalyn Carr, as being pointed out in the small print on the flyer and web page. 

My friend pointed out to me that the only time Tasha and Jekalyn would be performing on every stop is on Easter Sunday at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando. 

The Bloody Win Tour kicks off April 16th in Orlando and extends through May visiting major markets like Charlotte, Atlanta, Baltimore, Nashville and Austin. According to the flyer joining the tour will be special guests Tasha Cobbs and Jekalyn Carr in select markets and select days🙍.
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  1. Ann why are these ladies even being billed as part of the tour when in reality they are not touring? They are making guest appearances with Tye and JJ Hairston. If you look at the website, Tasha Cobbs have less days than either artist performing, so why include her as being on tour with them? Deception!!!


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