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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Is Oprah Right On Psalm 37:4? What Do You Think It Truly Means To Delight Yourself In The Lord?

Reader, Oprah Winfrey has claimed that her favorite bible verse Psalm 37:4 states that “that if we delight ourselves in The Lord (which is really a sense of goodness, kindness, love, etc) then good things will happen to us". We're not so sure this is right. Do you agree? What do you think it truly means to delight yourself in the Lord?

 This is why studying scripture deeper is a must! We can make it say whatever we want! Listen to how Oprah explains Psalm 37:4 to make it fit all religions instead of focusing on Jesus Himself!! "Jesus taught that no one can truly love the Lord God, no one can truly delight in the Lord God of Israel, who does not receive Jesus himself as the Son of God and the Redeemer of the world sent into the world by Yahweh."

Pastor John Piper gives his take on this.

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  1. Simply why would we care what Oprah thinks or interprets. Are we that hard up for discussion?

  2. WHATEVER she says I don't pay attention to it. She isn't SAVED. So wouldn't understand truly what the WORD OF GOD truly means. She needs to stopped shaking with Stedman. And let him make an honest woman out of her.

  3. Miss Ann,

    Interestingly the very first verse of this Psalm says, "Fret not thyself because of evil doers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity."

    "Delighting yourself in the LORD", to me, means to delight in keeping God's commandments. A choice that has to be made daily. It is a commitment on one's part and we need to be patient. The whole Psalm needs to be read in its entirety. One will see that those who are living against God's commandments may seem to have it all, but judgement is coming. And God will judge us according to his LAW.

    So Miss Winfrey can quote this portion scripture as her "favorite", but if she doesn't turn to keeping God's commandments, she's doomed!

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  4. I am definitely not looking to Oprah for spiritual guidance.

    1. Same Here Mr. Thomas.

      She can't cherry pick here truth for a Book, she denies its Author and Finisher.

      So many people are does not in Christianity, yet they somehow or another want to always reference the Bible, to come across acting as an authority on it. HOW FOOLISH these heathens.



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