Congratulation Dr. Matthew L Stevenson lll and Kamilah Stevenson On Literally Raising A Million Dollars In A Day.

Reader join me in high fiving and congratulating All Nations Worship Assembly, Dr Matthew L Stevenson III and Kamilah Stevenson on literally raising a million dollars in a day. This was done in spite of a prayer vigil last August calling for the death of Pastor Matthew Stevenson.

 (If you missed it you can read about it here.)
Where there is vision, God will always provide the resources! This church is a game changer.
This make me excited about the future of my debt free ministry and businesses! Its possible!! So happy for them!


  1. Miss Ann,

    Ooooh, I wish he would quote scripture that aligns with "where there is a vision, God will always provide resources"... Oh LORD!

  2. Who said that there were a Scripture to support that opinion? That was
    my opinion on what God will and can do for our vision if it's in line with His word.

    1. Oh, ok. So it is not about obedience to God. Alright! I get it.

  3. I am so happy for him and the ministry. I love to hear him teach. He's balanced and skilled in rightly dividing the WORD. He preaches we must live a life of holiness, obedience, and deliverance unto the GOD. I also appreciate that he didn't use periscope to fundraise. Many leaders are asking people to sow into their ministry every time they open their mouths. He did not do that. I've only known of him to invite people to sow two different times. He's an accurate prophet whether you believe in the gift or not. The LORD has favored him and the ministry.

  4. Miss Ann,

    Jesus fulfilled the law and the prophets (Matthew 5:17-20). Yet there was no "sowing" in any of their (prophets') ministries. They were the most miserable including our LORD and Savior compared to today's "preachers". And people seem to be so enamoured with them instead of the One who saves.


  5. Lady Brock, This young minister and his wife that minister side by side in ministry. Should be proud of themselves of what they have done. I am so sick in tired of building funds that I don't know what to do. The lying ,cheating, stealing, money laudering. How long can you can you be in a building fund ? Our pastor sold our old church without telling us. We dont know where the money went to. We went to a store front for a couple of years until we could move in the new church. But we moved into the gym instead of the Church. Have you ever heard of such foolishness the gym built before the Church. And now we are still havong a building fund. Yes every 4th Sunday they want you pay . If you 2 or 5 auxzillaries they want you to pay $ 100.00 per . But you still can't tell your CHURCH how much is owed on the Church. And tell the members you are the CEO. Your wife tells the congregation she don't like to work hasn't worked in 40 years, your daughter don't work oh yeah she does for the Church. Your son has 3 kids out of wedlock from 3 different women's and he works for the Church. Every Buisness that you and your family own the daycare at the Church only the pastor and his family are reaping the benefits of the businesses. When you have Buisness Meetings and folks ask for the reports of the finances of the Church. Of everything including salaries. YOU refuse to give them any financial data. So this couple have done a GREAT JOB. They are giving account to GOD and the people's to what they are doing. People's don't mind giving to ministries financially if they can see where there finances are doing. It's HOLINESS OR HELL. FOLKS NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT THE CORRECT WAY TO LIVE IN THE PRECEPTS OF THE LORD.It doesn't matter who teaches it. Young,Middle,Old age. GOD chooses whom HE will to get the job done. Time out for foolishness. Money lines, False Prophets, Manipulation of folks.

    1. Anonymous, I agree 100%!!!


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