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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Big Announcement:

Reader, I will not allow anonymous comments any longer on my blog.  I'm taking this position because I'm sick and tired of the "TROLLS'. This will stopped anonymous and the trolls from commenting and trying to take over my comment section.

I think if  you write something worth reading, it should have a name attach to it.  There is just too much foolishness going on the web and elsewhere to keep giving someone an opportunity to post anonymously.  I thought about moderating, but then, I would be making it my responsibility to sort out the exceptions. From this point on if you want to leave a comment under a post MAN UP and own your comment by using your government name.
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  1. Thank you Ms. Ann for taking control of your comment section. Those Anonymous had taken over. Especially that person who called themselves Ge Outta of hear. They thought that they had a free ride, I'm glad that you shut them down.

  2. Thank you miss Ann, your blog has been a source of information, your questions have been challenging, and your words always exemplified a loving and merciful God. Thank you for reminding us the "intent" of this ministry. God Bless you!

  3. Miss Ann, not only agree with your decision, I fully support you 100% on this.

    1. Thanks Mike, the anonymous folks were taking over my comment section with all the negative energy.


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