Southern Baptist Retailer Removes Black Hip-hop Artist’s Album That Includes The Word ‘penis'!

Reader, Isn't this the same conservative crowd that has many problems with political correctness?  Sho Baraka has become the latest victim of having a bookstore pull his music from their shelves for language deemed “offensive.” Popular hip-hop artist Sho Baraka has taken aim at Southern Baptist retailer Lifeway Christian Stores for dropping his album for including the word “penis,” a move that shows a growing tension between the black artist and his white evangelical fans.

Sho Baraka says that the retailer has a double standard when it comes to anatomical references in their books. Other books sold on their shelves use anatomical references. For instance, “Sheet Music,” a sex manual intended for Christian couples, contains 45 uses of the word “penis,” along with euphemisms like “Mr. Happy.” Any ways, The Washington Post covered the story about why Lifeway removed the album from their stores and what they called a "complicated religious and political" views. According to the hip hop artist this proves that institutions like Lifeway have little interest in authentically serving artists with platforms outside of their primary context.


Written by: Bradford William Davis


  1. He is a Black Man that White Evangelical Christians thinks is making to much money off of them. These White Evangelical Evangelical Christians are so Two Faced. They say and preach one thing. But there heart and mouth says something else. They are trying to Take Complete Control. Of the United States of America and Christianity to try and DICTATE to folks what they think they should Read and Listen ,and Watch. It's a part of there. Make America Great Again Plan. God doesn't see Black or White. But these White Evangelical Christians they do. If it was left up to them. Blacks, Hispanics,Latinos would be there SLAVES. If there ever was a time for folks to pray. It is truly that time now. These White Evangelical Christians are a bunch of hypocrips. They also ban Amy Grant she's white cause they said she wasn't an Evangelical Christian anymore. But in this brother case it's just jealously and hatred and bigotry.

  2. It's a Christian Bookstore. This decision doesn't seem to me to have anything to do with race. The reference to the other book the store allowed on their shelves is a book about sex where using the word penis is acceptable because of the subject. We don't need a penis reference in a song. I'm sure people would also be offended if a woman referenced her vagina in a song.

    The lyric was identifying the artist maturing from a time when he was promiscuous and I understand that, but there is no question that some would find the lyric offensive. Words create pictures in the mind and some pictures we don't need to see. This may have not offended everybody, but you take a risk when you use certain words in a song and shouldn't be upset when some don't agree with your choice of words, whether it rhymes or not.

  3. Anonymous, GO GET YOUR MIND DELIVERED..PLEASE! Seems that everything from you is about THESE WHITE EVANGELICALS. Why are you so angry INSIDE?? Have you not realized YET that UNGODLINESS and UNRIGHTEOUSNESS is what the devil portrays? I WOULDN'T buy ANYONE'S music, books, or anything else if it doesn't have a "Godly character" to it...Black, white, African, Hispanic, WHOEVER. My life and language is HIDDEN IN CHRIST...PERIOD! In Christ Alone, RLR.

  4. I'm not surprised this story made it all the way to the WASHINGTON POST. THE prince of the air (media) will always perform to divide and shed a bad light on Christ and Christianity. This situation is no exception.

    This time he uses music to create strife (cries of racism, unfair business practices, inappropriate language). As I've so often stated, Christian music should be performed according to the commands of Scriptures. Anything done outside His will, will serve as an oppprtunity for SATAN lure folks into hips pit of lies. This guy performing is operating through His own flesh. The song in question is hip hop, and just the tie to that genre alone is worldly.

    Music as art in the world should be done to uplift society. And even with a lot of today's music, the devil seeks to destroy this philosophy. Then you have this white Evangelical company (the black evangelicals are no better at music, their constant scamming black folks out of money, to entertain them in Jesus name -the devil so comfortable he does not have to post these such scams in the Washington post) putting this trash on their shelves and pulling it off. They too need to be reminded the Lord's commands.

    All of us got to discern all things through the eyes of Scriptures. I would never think I would see the day a word of sexual anatomy would be a part of a Christian song. SMH...


  5. Miss Ann,

    As a believer, I can't be bothered by what is on the shelf or put off the shelf.

    If we are to break it down, it comes to $$$. The album was making more money than the book (they both have the same worldly content, pretending to be "Christian").

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...


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