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Testimony Time: Dr. E. Dewey Smith Let Rickey Smiley Take Over The House Of Hope Pulpit!!

Reader Sunday October 8, 2017, Dr. E. Dewey Smith senior pastor of the House of Hope Atlanta Ga, allowed his friend and church family Comedian Rickey Smiley to grace his pulpit with an awesome testimony....plus a big plug for his new book.

Check it out below: 

No One Has A Right To Refer To Someone's Child As A "WHORE"!

Reader this is a big ole mess that I find is completely incomprehensible that any Christian would be even the least bit okay with. How can a overgrown man with six children of his own or ANYONE else for that matter get online and call another man daughter (Kirk Franklin's) a "whore". There is no justification for that, whatsoever. No one has the right to refer to someone's child as a whore, because you don't like what she's wearing.

Anyhow, Kirk Franklin's daughter Kennedy posted the above picture of herself in this dress on Twitter...which led to a Twitter fight between Kirk, his daughter and a grown man named Saiko Woods and his wife. 




First time I'm hearing about this. As soon as I saw dude's name, I was like, "Uh-oh." I've never heard anything but division and madness associated with this man's name. I also know there's a certain group of White believers who love to turn to him for his commentaries on matters of race. He gives them an easy way to justify racism and White supremacy...but I digress.

Check out the  posted video below:


  1. Saiko shouldn't have addressed anyone of those young ladies. It was none his business

  2. Ms. Ann what's worse was his wife was involved in the situation too.

    1. Anonymous I read that the wife had also taken part in the attack.

  3. Natasshia Roxanne HallSaturday, 04 February, 2017

    Saiko was on twitter trying to do damage control but it was just making things worse. Kirk Franklin's daughter probably doesn't realize that because of who her father is she just can't post anything & everything, yea it sucks but oh well. Personally Saiko should of just addressed the situation privately and not call the girl a whore.

  4. With six kids of his own, he need to worry about them and not someone elses child. I'm glad Kirk put him in his place.

  5. Yall post every side of the story but Saiko's. Show me exactly where he called her a whore? If you don't have any evidence then you're reporting false info. Not defending anyone but truth.

    1. Ms. Ann I will be the first to tell you that this dude Saiko Woods makes G. Craig Lewis look like a nice saint! He's the Christian Bully from Hell and I strongly encourage all to avoid him and his wife! This guy is a super Troll and never has anything good to say. I would have done the same thing too like Kirk! I'm a father first and will protect my child

    2. I listen to this guy for the first time and I must say he is solid biblically. Asides from his reformed theology, he is spot on as a Christian. His viewpoints on contemporary issues are full of wisdom. I really liked his rebuttal to E Dewey 10 questions. This man is not a bully in no sense of the word. He is courageous when expressing his knowledge about the Bible. He references the scriptures in an exegetical way. For anyone to speak against Saiko in a negative way as such is totally out of their minds.


  6. I called my own daughter a whore for dressing provocative. But that's who I am. If you dress and act like one I am just going to call it like it like it is. Kirk"s daughter started the mess. She is always saying stuff just like her Dad. She feels like she can say whay she wants to say to anyone and no one say anything to her. The clothing attire that she wears is not Godly Attire she wears the same attire to church. But the Mama does the same. Why get upset with folks when they call you out for what you look like. If she was in the DaClub no one would think she shouldn't be there. Why ? Cause she's dressed in the DaClub attire. IJS

    1. You are a sad excuse for a parent.

  7. Which one of the "Upstanding" young ladies is Kirk's daughter? The one in the green dress with her cleavage showing? Or is it the one in the middle with her cleavage showing? Or is it the one on the far right with her cleavage showing?

    If a woman doesn't want to be called a duck, then she shouldn't dress like one. If a woman doesn't want to be mistaken as a harlot then don't dress like one.

    Kirk is supposed to be "ruling his house." But he's busy straddling the fence.

    These are the last days when Trump can be called a racist by his actions...But a woman who is SUPPOSED to be holy (with cleavage and a mini-skirt) can't be called a harlot? I'm trying not to use the "W" word.

    Kirk is clapping back at a man he never met...But he needs to look in the mirror. I AM SHOCKED. I WILL NEVER LISTEN TO KIRK'S MUSIC AGAIN; I stopped a long time ago anyway. I will never watch the STELLAR Awards again. God help me.

    The end-time delusion is here. When men call evil, good. And they call good, evil.

  8. I don't see what's the problem.

    These Black folks always talking in terms of being Christ-like, especially when it comes to emulating the Sermon on the MOUNT. Many here say TRUMP, for example, is not a Christian because he has nothing operating in him like Christ's Sermon. Well what about KIRK? Is it Christlike to treat to say "Yo...I'm a crazy non-weak, no punk Christian"...What about the verse, a part of the SERMON ON THE MOUNT that says

    "Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you."

    And say all manner of evil against you...WOW...

    What should Kirk do with this verse I wonder?

    Is the sermon on the mount just for Trump? Should he be held to it more because he is the President?

    What about Kirk? He too is an international figure you know?


    1. I guess you would have a problem if folks were calling Trump youngest son names. We all who are on the outside looking in know the kid is handicapped.

    2. Nah...not really...

      BUT I'm about to call you a name if you keep up your foolish ways comparing someone who may be handicapped, to a grown woman, the daughter of a famous "Christian" singer, who made it her intention to dress like a whore...

      You keep it up okay...


  9. What I find rather confusing is that so many church goers complain about secular music and rap and it's disrespect of women. Some even call the rap misogynistic and there is talk about the sinfulness of those who listen and perform such music.

    Yet, misogynistic treatment of women by church goers is considered okay. The word "whore" is thrown around about women by church goers with a frequency that should be alarming but somehow for many it is not.

    One question I have and it is rhetorical, How can we teach young Christian girls that should not allow themselves to be treated poorly by men as they go off to school, ride the bus, go to college, etc. if we have gotten them comfortable with being called whores in our own homes and churches?

    If what we really want is for young girls and young women is to end up with the Ephesians 5:25 standard of a husband, one who loves his wife as Christ loves the church shouldn't homes and churches teach and show them what this type of love looks like?

    Why must girls and women be forced to deal with so much in the world, so many accusations and not even have the ability to feel peace at church?

    All these are rhetorical questions, no answers required. I'm just pondering why such activity is considered appropriate and Christlike.

    I will mention Rehab because for me, her mere existence in the bloodline of Christ says that there is room for women even ones who were once actual whores in the body of Christ. For me that says that his blood is more than sufficient to cover all sinners, actual whores and those accused of being whores.

    1. Nah...you wrong too..

      Stop defending this woman. Has nothing to do with disrespect for her.

      Problem is you, like the woman who ranted in the post, want to judge this man for calling this woman a whore because you want to define "whore" as the dictionary does, when the Bible uses many references to Israel as a whore and a harlot because of their sinful display of disrespect towards the Almighty.
      So no need to get carried away because you limit yourself to the word.

      This woman should have been around the church long enough to know better, and her dad is just as silly as she is. And no need to bring up rap music here because of this woman filthy behavior of her immodesty. You want to talk about rap music and it's misogynistic theme, tell that when Kirk is singing with Kanye.

      DON'T come here passing your judgment. These girls have no more to deal with than the Christ they profess dealt with. He who died so that they would not display themselves as whores. They need to believe His words, accept it by faith, read their bibles, ask God to show them His ways and search their hearts. If they are ridiculed for doing right, they should bless them who do so. If they are cursed for doing wrong, they should repent, ask God's forgiveness and choose ye this day whom they should follow.

      Once they get saved and really live modesty maybe then they will have the a spirit of Rahab and be considered as the daughter Christ wants them to be.


    2. So you're saying it is appropriate for you to judge but not okay for others to simply ask rhetorical questions or even offer a different perspective?


    3. you did more than ask rhetorical questions. Your first paragraph you made a point your confusion, your main point your misogynistic treatment of women, and the word whore being thrown around. Your "rhetorical" questions as you call them are just added fluff to cover your main ideas.

      Look...I ain't about to address these type questions you pose. BOTTOM LINE...GOD referenced many time Israel and Babylon as harlots and whores. Has nothing to do with physically selling their bodies. This woman display of immodesty is like a whore. To be like a whore in spirit is just as bad or really, worse than being a whore. I think if Saiko called her a whore, he was being too kind. Don't get mad at me. Get mad at the ALMIGHTY...

      AND WHEN you are done getting MAD...


  10. The thing you don't understand is I'm not mad. I am in no way mad at the God of the Bible and I stand by what the word of God says about Jesus who was made flesh and dwelt amongst us.

    I rejoice in the fact that while I was yet a sinner Christ died for little old me.

    I rejoice in the fact that while whores, prostitutes, sinners of all kinds were yet sinners Christ died for them too. That we have an opportunity to believe in Him by faith and have relationship with Him, I rejoice in that fact.

    That is praiseworthy news, so let's be clear I joyfully glorify the the Lord today.

    He is a redeemer and the joy of the Lord is my strength. I am joyous today and will not lay down the joy He gave simply because I disagree with the words you choose.

    I continue to disagree with you and I can do so without getting mad and without losing my joy.

    1. Ok... I did not say you were mad. And an actually I am glad you are not. I admonished you NOT TO GET MAD. Because I know some folks get angry my points of view.

      YOU're 100% right to say Christ died for the prostitute. Dont stop to say though she should live for Him. "go and sin no more"...

    2. As you offer admonishment, would you also receive it? Would you be willing to give mercy as you are a recipient? God's mercies are made new ever day according to the word of God.

      Because I don't even deserve the mercy, I aim to give it even to those who are undeserving of it. For this reason, I am careful who I label and I try to be mindful, prayerfully so, about accusations I can prove and those I can't.

      This is why I choose rhetorical questions, because we all have to work out our own salvation in fear and trembling. All Christians have to guard their own hearts....

      My choice is mercy, even with girls who supposedly dress like whores.

    3. No need to be careful labeling people. PAUL received much mercy from the Lord. And He called the Galations foolish for subjecting to the doctrine of the Judizers. HE EVEN SAID about them they were bewitched.

      I too know the mercy of God. I also know His chastisement when I am out of His will. And yuu know what, he chastened me because HE LOVES ME.

      If this lady is really to experience mercy, she's not going to truly get it from you or me. Neither one of us know this lady. People forget this is a Blog. This is cyberspace!

      The Spirit of God has given all believers gifts. Some he gave prophesy, giving, serving, mercy. It's said about one who has the gift of mercy, he / she has the godly ability to counsel using Godly wisdom to help heal hurtful people. If this is her case, she needs to be edified under that care.

      Just to not label this woman over the Internet will have no affect. I think her problem is she is in rebellion (just like Israel) and needs to be truly saved.

      Luke I said the word whore is appropriate when the situation call for it.


  11. The liberals say it's ok for believers to dress as they please, but the Bible instructs us to dress modest and in a manner that's representative of Jesus Christ.

    It's sad when Christians will dress appropriately if invited to certain establishments, but dress shamefully everywhere else.

    I say it all the time, Christian sisters can learn from Muslim women how to respect themselves by covering their bodies.

  12. Thank you so very much . Rev. Christian you have said the right statement. I don't believe in the Muslim Religion. But I do believe and respect in there attire of dressing. It is sad that Christian Women wear provocative attire that doesn't represent Holiness. There should always be a difference between a saved and an unsaved woman. When I was young you knew who the SAVED WOMAN was. I have noticed that when Pastor Kim Ray goes to Full Gospel Holy Temple she is fully clothed up to the stop. But when she preached at my friend's churc she was a little less . Folks know how to appease to the church or situation that they are at. But Kirk Franklin has been going back in forth between the world and the Church. So he hasn't been training nor leading his family by example. He knows better. His wife doesn't dress any better. These folks seem to think that's it's ok to say or do or dress any kind of way. They are playing church and playing saved. Having a form of Godliness. None of the young ladies in photo are dressed like they are SAVED. They look like HARLOTS. If you don't want to be called a HARLOTS then don't dress or look like one.


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