James Fortune, I Forgive Me!!

Reader, Gospel Music artist James Fortune says it's now time for him to forgive himself for the domestic assault of his estranged wife, Cheryl, two years ago. Fortune, the Grammy-nominated leader of the group James Fortune & FIYA, is sharing his advice about learning to forgive yourself with his nearly 300,000 Instagram followers.



  1. Okay...here we Go...

    We are never instructed to "forgive ourselves". It amazes me these do called christian ministers come up with these ideas. It's as though they are sitting under the behinds of Oprah and Dr. Phil. Never under the feet of Jesus and all He came to reveal in His teaching He alluded to this stupidity. The Lord did so much to usher man's most vital need, man'should forgiveness. AND for any idiot to use his measly life experience to defile God's very act is worth way more the judgment THIS DUDE receive for any crime and abuse he committed.

    It is the Lord who forgives even when we don't deserve it. This very same Lord gave his raunchy sinful pathetic creatures the command for us to forgive OTHERS, cause He loves us to grant us this ability as a reflection of HIMSELF. He noted the urgency and importance we obey His command, warning us if we don't forgive others having received his previous grace of HIM CONSTANTLY forgiving US...:WE WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN"!!!

    THIS is how Real saints (not fake ones) will ever know true JOY..

    J(esus) O(thers) Y(ourself)...

    I'm boiling...


  2. Exactly WHEN did James (hot water) Fortune become THE VICTIM in his own domestic violence incident against his wife???

    I feel sorry for him. No matter what happens in the future his life and marriage will never be the same. But actions have consequences.

    He got off with an EXTREMELY light sentence from the courts in BOTH DM incidents.

    But his career, reputation and respect will be locked up for quite awhile.

    And these constant videos and pleas for forgiveness are just his way of asking for get out of jail free card.

    Sorry James, you may be physically free but your career will be locked up for a few years.

  3. Miss Ann,

    This man should get somewhere, sit down and read the WORD of God.

    Right now he is teaching strange doctrine. "Be not carried away with strange doctrine..." (Hebrews 13:9)

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  4. As a professional Mental Health Counselor and a Christian. This man is a Total Moron . He is trying reverse psychology. He needs to get SAVED. And ask GOD for Wisdom and Knowledge of HIS Holy Word. He needs to ask his wife, the childten, and ask GOD for forgiveness. Not himself. He doesn't want to accept blame for the horrible crimes yes crimes he committed towards his wife and the children. He is the typical self centered self righteous Narrisst that don't want to come . To the terms of reality.


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