Baton Rouge Catholic School Apologizes For Student’s Racist Essay About Black History Month!

Reader seriously Christian parents PLEASE make sure you tell your children that Jesus was a JEW from "THE MIDDLE EAST" and he was not WHITE. And that last part is kind of important. I'm posting this here not to start a silly debate but to just show people how wrong they are about racism in America. This right here is a doggone shame.

There is no way as a parent I would have felt good about that lengthy apology letter. This young girl is not alone in the way she sees black America.  It's not only sad that this student does not understand history, demographics or DNA, but as a high school student one would think the student's ability to communicate through her writing would be better. 

A Baton Rouge Catholic High School has now issued an apology to students and teachers after a racist essay from one of their students made its rounds on the internet. The essay was assigned by a class at St. Michael the Archangel in Baton Rouge. The topic was Black History Month—but instead of writing about important people or events in African-American history, one Caucasian student chose to voice her disgust for having to write such essay, adding that she doesn’t believe “we are all equal.” 

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  1. Ann the major thing here is that this "student" has abysmal grammar skills. She needs extra tutoring IMMEDIATELY so that she can express her irrational hatred and fear using proper English. The school needs to get on that.

    1. That's not the problem. Someone told her that Blacks weren't in the bible. The cradle of life is Africa! Those people weren't White!

    2. In my opinion forget the language skills her words are important she is honest she is afraid of race because she doesnt know them only from the news at six she doesnt know that jesus was not white he was jewish and dark skinned and the people of the bible were arabs muslims blacks and eastern religions

  2. The school has spent all their time teaching their kids about Christianity from a white perspective and absolutely no time teaching children how to respect people that are different.

    Not surprised.

  3. If you are going to go on a ridiculous rant on how much you hate black people please learn how to write properly. My goodness she is in the 12th grade and her grammar is atrocious.

  4. Close the school down evidently they aren't teaching her anything. Cause she can't spell. She hasn't been taught the correct history class. But what do you expect it's a Catholic school. I went to a public school. Graduated 40 years ago and they taught me better than that . And I went to a mixed races school. Thank God for our African American Heritage. These silly folks don't even understand all that African Americans have achieved in life and society. It can't even be filled up in one month. The accomplishments are so great and wonderful.

  5. The devil is busy. He is working behind the scenes to use whatever tactic he sees fit to destroy humanity. Hell indeed is enlarging itself every day. The Catholic Church was and always has been one of Satan’s tools. They teach lies contrary to JESUS being the way the TRUTH and the life. Their doctrines and liturgical practices are unbiblical. As such, their failures are brought to light by their many scandals.

    Satan’s has also done a job on the Jews of the Kabbalah as well. I’m almost willing to say worse than he has done on the Catholics. He uses these Luciferian Jews, and gives them political and social power to spread his evil all over the globe now and throughout history. Many are blinded by his work through them. Satan seeks to destroy all humanity, red, yellow, black and white. And as prince of the air, he induces via the media, his rebellion against God to devalue God’s creation. As noted, the girl said in her essay, (I could care less about her grammar, mine is just as bad at times) she learned about Blacks from TV media controlled by the Necons. The diabolic plan of these Talmudic Jews who owns the media, is to portray Black people as criminals, thugs, ratchet and ghetto. This plan is pre-meditated and INTENTIONAL. Satan does a number on white folks too, showing them as powerless and stupid. Not to mention, the job he does portraying women, and his intent to destroy children.

    We need to realize that Satan is behind all the problems regarding race, poverty, hatred, promiscuity, rebellion against God, murder, injustice and all the evil in the hearts of men. He uses his minions, who sell their souls to worship him, make sacrifices to him, pledge allegiance to him, and work to carry out his diabolical plans.


    1. Right on Get Outta Here!!!

      The devil came to kill, steal, and destroy.

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  6. Miss Ann,

    This student's perspective towards the black race is based on what her parents (including all family members and relatives), friends, clubs, school, church or society present to her. The information she receives from all these is what she regurgitated onto that paper. We could blame the school, but what do her parents say about blacks in the comfort of their home? When she goes to the country club for high tea, what conversations or interactions is she having?

    Much as she claims she has black friends, these may not be the kind that come by her house for chit chat. And probably that's why she says we are all not equal.

    Should I get bothered about her paper? No. She's reflecting exactly what we already know from our personal experience of having to interact with some individuals of Caucasian descent who don't acknowledge accomplishments of any other race other than theirs. And who believe that they are genetically superior.

    In Christ there is neither Jew nor Gentile. For those who have believed on the name of Jesus know this. It should be enough to cool any raging tempers heated by this student's essay.

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...


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