59 Percent Of Millennials Raised In A Church Have Dropped Out—And They’re Trying To Tell Us Why!!

Reader I just read yet another article on why millennials are leaving the church. This one was written by a millennial to the church at large. As best I could tell, it was a list of mostly petty grievances and of ways that millennials would like the church to be. Not sure I get it all, do agree with almost all, but I have heard some of the same stuff, complaining from every generation for the past 25 years or so.

Don't get me wrong, I like the article a lot. However, one issue it does not address is this: If we make all these changes to cater to the Millennials, we risk angering the established membership. The established members are the ones who pay the bills. If they leave, the church cannot afford to stay open. Church, to succeed, must be a mixture of staying relevant to the times while also being grounded in tradition. It is a delicate balancing act. 

I was raised in church, and raised my kids in church, yet in the last couple of years I've not gone to church...burn out is one reason; not fitting into the cliques when I moved is another reason, laziness is another. I ran out the door to services, meetings, and Bible studies for years, but too lazy now. Yet no one could be a more devout Christian than I, and no one could love the Lord more than I. He is in my life daily.


  1. Ann,as a public school biology teacher and adjunct philosophy professor I can say with certainty that a significant portion of the reason most millennials aren't religious, let alone churchgoers, is because they see religion as regressive, hateful, divisive, abusive, and kind of silly. Didn't religion just elect Trump?? Religion for most millennials is a holdover from superstitious times whose time has come to an end. And while I believe it's far more complicated than that, I can understand how this generation simply feels that religion just isn't relevant any more. They see anti-gay, sexist, creationist, bigoted, greedy jerks preaching bronze-age mythology and they opt out. This should surprise no one.

    1. Anti gay? You are a biology teacher? Have you taught what damage is done tobthe human body with gay male sex? Men tearing their rectums apart? Disease and hiv running rampant. You sound crazy.

      Trump is an American Success snd so are the children he raised.

      God help folk like u and the messed up folk who think like you.

    2. Yup...

      Mr. Drive-by prefaced his "comments" with his "credentials". Now we should all be blown away as he is sooooo..adept, he can speak for the millennials. And if they see anti-gay, and CREATIONISTS, and leave because of such...GOOD RIDDANCE...

      DRIVE-By could have put it in PARK with that foolishness...


  2. Yes, this IS indeed sad. I read this enumerated article and have an opinion from "the other side". While I agree, the Church is not a perfect place for all people at all times, it's been my experience that when given an opportunity, these young people have no interest in being involved in anything that takes commitment. Be there. Show up. Make a difference. Be committed. If you say yes, then do it. No if ands or maybes. As far as not wanting to hear the church's values....they need to hear them!!! Those values come from God. They're not picked out of the air! Not wanting them is just rebellion. And we know what happens to those who rebel.
    I totally agree with #3. The Church should be a place where folks go to receive and be fed so they can go out and share. That should be the ebb and flow of the Church.
    #4. End times is a FACT. NOT rhetoric.they don't want to hear it, but how can the Church "teach" them anything if they won't even sit still for core values and foundational beliefs?
    #5. The church is not a club. It's a hospital for the sick and hurting. Either go to serve, or go to be filled and healed.
    #6. Scriptures don't tell us to tithe IF you know who is handling the cash and if you like and know how it's being used. That's not your responsibility. God makes them accountable. Why concern yourself with God's job?
    #7. Teaching has its place as well as preaching. Both are necessary for a healthy and balanced spiritual diet.
    #8. Get your value and self worth from God.
    #9. So they want to talk controversial issues? Listen to the preaching! ��
    #10. While this point is true, the Church should serve the community it is in, I've been in churches where the millennialist have been given the opportunity and don't. I'd say 90% is the 50+ groups doing the outreach.
    #11. Now this I find interesting...they don't want scrutinizing, just to scrutinize. If you want respect. Be respectful. You want us to under promise and over deliver!!!??? So then you want to be served...not really to serve.
    #12. This generation is anti Church because they have no regard for what the Church is. Disrespectful and wanting their own way, they are a 2 Timothy 3 last days generation. Millennials and pre millennials alike will be running to the church, and hitting the altars on their knees should all hell break loose in our fallen world. That is what it will truly take for revival. Right now, as we stand, we are entirely too comfortable. No reason to look up, listen to the Word, kneel at a holy altar and repent. God help us. It is said that with great pain comes great change. AMEN! And so be it. Then and only then will hearts and lives truly be transformed. Using Church policies, programs and politics is just an excuse for a greater, more deeply rooted issue. Disobedience. Which is really just our sinful nature.

    1. TOUCHE, and Amen! "Millenials" are being, doing and saying just what the scriptures forth-tell. They are lovers of themselves, proud, boastful, truce-breakers, without natural affection, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of God.

      Is the church perfect? Not by a LONG shot! Is the church in need of some serious revamping and restructuring to become relevant to this smart but irreverant generation? Absolutely!! But even in all of her misdirection, misdeeds and missing the mark,she's STILL the best we have right now. (Just like the United States)!!!

      The church cannot afford to establish governance nor doctrine, based on the perceptions of people whose lives are in such obvious, disrepair. The church needs to get back to GOD'S remedy of turning from their wicked ways, repenting of sin, and seeking the face of God. (Find me a church where there is focused, intense corporate prayer, intercession and contrition, and I'll.......I'LL GO THERE MYSELF)!! The church has LOST that, and everything that she's LACKING, HINGES on that!!! When Zion TRAVAILS, THEN dhe gives birth!! To dreams, ideas, movers & shakers, change, and love. And who isn't drawn to love???!!!

      As I always say: When the mechanics misdiagnoses or does a poor job on our car, you never hear people say: "I'll never take my car to another mechanic." When clinics and doctors do a poor job of treating our ailments, we never say: "I'll never go to the doctor again." When bad employers mistreat, mishandle and sometimes even FIRE us, you rarely, RARELY hear people say: "I'll never get another job"! In all of these (and more) scenarios, people get up, and start looking for better, elsewhere. But when it comes to CHURCH.....and GOD...."I quit" is usallly the first line of defense.


      Millenials are a generation of technology giants but moral pygmies, who need to take their own advice, and BE the change...they claim they want to see!

  3. Miss Ann,

    I haven't read the article addressed above. But I do know one thing, church leaders can be such hypocrites, it is amazing they still have members. I too grew up in church, did a stint in the choir and youth ministry. However, I realized that the church leaders instead wanted to run my life.

    If you finished high school, what are you going to do? Ok so you are done with college, when are you getting married? Oh, you have a job now and you are too busy to come to the watch service, remember how we prayed for you to get that job, when you miss church services in a row, you are backsliding...ad nauseam.

    Never did the deacons, youth ministers, pastors emphasize the importance of being obedient to God and reading his WORD, depending on the Holy Spirit to teach us truth. And it is because they too do NOT live according to the precepts of God. That's why they are always finding innovative ways to keep the young people in church. In doing this they are NOT teaching biblical truths. Instead they emphasize on miracles entertainment and false prophecies to keep them in church.


    The millennials need the WORD of God (Psalm 119).

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  4. As long as they are members of THE LORD'S CHURCH.

    I would love to hear the testimonials of "millennials" who are active in their faith and even in their Churches. Maybe these millennials who are polled here can learn a few lessons from their peers.

    I'm always skeptical the intent behind these such polls anyways. As if those who drive for some numbers really care. The devil could care less the things of God.

    Thank God He made it so the church never saved anyone. Doesn't matter the "generation". David had to give account unto God for his wrongdoings. Solomon his son, had to seek God on his own for wisdom. GOD revealed himself to all mankind for all generations beginning with the first man He made from the earth.

    He revealed himself through His creation. Problem is, man choose to worship the creature instead.

    HE revealed Himself through their conscience, gave them law within their hearts to do right. Instead man choose to work the deeds of his flesh and purposed in his heart to work evil.

    He revealed Himself through His Son. Again in his disobedience, man rejected Him and cursed Him and Murdered Him instead.


    These millennials, like all the thousands of generations before are not special, because they are the latest and most contemporary. They too, ARE WITHOUT EXCUSES.

    I personally know of many millennials who are on fire for Christ. Unfortunately like FOX, MNBC, CBS,MTV,BET...you are not going to hear much about them. They will never be polled their faith. I am so encouraged to know, despite SATAN'S attempt to be bleak in his ctiticisn, THE LORD ALWAYS HAVE A REMNANT!


  5. Lady Brock, I am totally with you on this issue. I grew up in church all my life. It's all that I know. But in June it will be a year that I haven't been to churc9. I read my BIBLE Daily, I fast and I pray. Listen to Bishop G.E. Patterson sermons and old school gospel music. I am so disgusted with the politics of the church. These folks only want folks to worship the Pastor and his family, they want money money money. It's not about SOULS it's about greed, fame,and, titles. I got tired of seeing folks hungry, lights cut off, need gas to get to church or doctor's appointment. And these are devoted members, tithe payers and can't get help from the very church they attend. It's disgusting. And heartbreaking. IJS

  6. I'm sorry, but why are we fighting hard to beg people to be apart of the body of Christ? The church comes together to serve the Lord. Edification, Council, Love, is what is in a Good Church. Not all are good,but then you don't join yourself to any people calling themselves a church. Discernment is key, and you won't get there until you center your life around Christ.


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