12 Megachurch Salary, Tithing and Mission Trends!

Reader did we not learn anything from Jim and Tammy Baker in the '80s? I must say this new trend is crazy and it's flat-out UNETHICAL.  You got 81% of megachurches saying that they have "knowledge about specific salaries known ONLY by board members, a subcommittee of the board, or by senior staff."

What I found most disturbing about these ministries is the natural right for a pastor's son or close family member to succeed him as head pastor upon retirement. You trying to tell me there is not a single ordinary congregant who is not anointed to take over the top position? These are private estates, creating wealth for their respective families, not for extending the kingdom of God. One would swear we back in medieval age when the kings divine right to rule was the order of the day, and all just had to accept that's how things were.

Anyhow, for every $1 of annual increase in church-wide giving per attendee, the average executive level annual salary increased by $15.49. But in most cases the church members are not allowed to know how much those salaries are-even though they're PAYING those salaries. Why in the world would anyone put up with this fraudulent mess for one single second is beyond me. It's a total set-up for greed, exploitation and financial mismanagement.



  1. Miss Ann,

    That is why the LORD is my Shepherd and I shall NOT want! (Psalm 23:1, 1 Peter 2:25).

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. Miss Ann, I agree with you 100%! The church has gone from an institution where the Body of Christ can come together and worship to an organization where 10% controls 90% of the incoming funds. Dang...

  3. Some are called, Some are chosen, Some called themselves. Salvation is a lifestyle not a career. But for these folks being a pastor is nothing more than being able access to money at anytime you want it. These folks needed to go to college or a technical school and got a degree. Then got a job so that they would have a career. But being a pastor is there careers. Money Laundering, Vehicle's, Homes, Day Cares, Conferences all in the name of the church. 501 (3c ) but only the pastor and his wife and family. Reap the benefits. They living the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous while the congregation is suffering and don't ask for help. They send the person to an outside agency. But they want to put folks in HELL if they don't pay tithes. The devil is a liar.

  4. These places of worship aren't Churches, they're business that do a little charity on the side.

    Jesus is their product (thanks TD Jakes).

    The price is always the same, 10% from every paycheck.

    You can make your wife co-pastor and hand "THE BUSINESS" down to your kids.

    And with a whomping 15.49 for every DOLLAR OF INCREASE, I would be BEGGING PEOPLE to join my church too. I am sure the top CEO's of Fortune 500 companies don't share that type of ratio.

    These Mega churches aren't built for the people, they were made for the pastor and his family.


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