The Black Church Title For The Senior Pastor Wife Will Never Die!

Reader, since "First Lady" is not a Biblical concept, but a created title that distinguish the pastor's wife from other women in the church, some folks are somewhat offended by this. Growing up in the constructs of the black church I can still remember how sometimes the pastor's wife can be the loneliest person in the Church.

So, thank God for the many congregations throughout the country who seek to still honor and respect their First Lady in loving and wise ways. It really encourages when I observe the members of some of the oldest historical black churches displaying acts of kindness and love to their First Lady on special occasions.

Happy Birthday First Lady Kate F. Black.


  1. They needs to stop the madness and drama. There is no such thing as a first lady in the church. This mess was started by the Black Church to make the pastor's wives feel superior over all the other folks in the church. She is no better than anyone else in the church. These pastors wives a lot of them cause more hell and havoc in the Churches than anyone else. They think that they are better. They want to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Most haven't went to a real college, some barely made it out of high school, they don't want to work,want to dictate to folks. They believe that since there husbands are the pastor's that they should be able to have whatever they want to have and do whatever they want to do. Black churches need to stop with the drama and foolishness. It's about souls not about clothes, titles,cars,homes,money,the largest church. If you don't call these folks by certain titles they want to put you in hell, say that you are being disrespectful, put you out of the church, talk about you from the pulpit. When they are the ones that are wrong cause the title they want to be called isn't Biblically based.

  2. She is Mrs. Kate Black. Period. all these titles.
    First lady is for a presidents wife.

    I wish some pastors wife or pastor would tell me about calling his wife "first lady". Please with all this mess.

  3. I must admit,
    I HATE the title of First Lady. I can understand showing respect to the pastors wife, up to a certain point (as ALL WIFES should be respected).

    (And I believe I Have stated these same reasons in another post, but here is a refresher)

    The title of FIRST LADY should be reserved for the President of the United States wife, which will soon be Mr.s "FIRST LADY" Trump (which is still hard for me to even type that out).

    I'm not sure about women or single men, but as a married man the ONLY woman who deserves the title of FIRST LADY is my wife (PERIOD). Calling someone other than my wife as "The First Lady" is disrespectful to my wife.

    And considering all the important women in my life (Mom, sisters, daughters and cousins) the wife of the pastor might not even make it to the top 20 on MY LIST.
    "How are you doing today Mr.s "TWENTY FIFTH" lady?

    And most of these women are put in charge of ministries, administrative duties, and Access to the Churches money all because they are SIMPLY married to the pastor.

    No education
    No experience
    No qualifications

    Just simply given authority by association only. Which doesn't happen in ANY OTHER walk of life.

  4. Miss Ann,

    I am one of those who knows that the title of first lady in the church of our LORD Jesus has no place whatsoever. It is overrated to provide importance to many women who can't even express themselves in matters pertaining to the precepts of God.

    Mrs. Black as an example is one who will skip over 1 Timothy 2:9-10 just to keep her big old hat.

    "In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; but (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works."

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  5. @Cop...."Mrs TWENTY FIFTH LADY" @Anonymous...."BIG OLD HAT". Y'all made me LOL!! (I need to put that one in my pocket "TO HONOR MY WIFE"....I like that). Thanks for that funny stuff for my day here at work at 6am. In other words, many of these people have been put on a pedestal and don't know how to show HUMILITY. ONLY JESUS!

  6. No man should put no woman above his wife. So I wouldn't want my husband calling no pastors wife first lady. It's not Biblical. If he doesn't call his mother first lady what rights do the pastor's wife have to want to be called that. She should be called just who she is Mrs. Or Sis. Or Lady or Elect Lady that's Biblical. These women think they are Superior over everyone and everybody in the church. Or if there husband is a Bishop oh my my the whole organization. Most are not educated pass high school, never worked a job,the church is all they know. They aren't spiritual at all. They have the most nastiness attitudes. They don't come to Sunday School they are above that. They don't come to weekday service unless it's something they want done or they have something going on that's financial gains for them. They come in Sunday morning services late, with 2-3 adjutant's one holding the Bible ,one holding the purse and hankies. Now they sit in the pulpit on the side. With the adjutants on each side or in the back of her. They have to escort her to the bathroom and wherever she goes. They don't cook or clean there own houses. They get someone from the church to do all of that and don't pay them anything. Why ? Cause they have these folks so brainwashed that cause they are the First Family of the Church they are entitled to everything they ask for. They work the folks like Hebrew slave's. They have taken scripture so out of content and exploited for the sole purpose of using folks. These women don't know what HUMILITY is. They aren't Virtuous Women. They only things they care about is clothes, title's, cars,houses,conferences [ who has the biggest one ]. For folks to continue to worship her and her husband. Only in the Black Church will you find folks over the financial services that have no accounting background ( family members) , director of the daycare ( the wife( no educational background in childcare development, CEO of the Church ( the wife) with no kind of background of nothing at all just cause she is the pastor's wife. Time Out For The Foolishness. Calling For The Mourning Women. Not the silly women. IJS


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