Texas Southern University DROPS Pastor Kim Burrell’s Radio Show From Their Programming Lineup!

Reader the fallout continues for Pastor Kim Burrell, after refusing to apologize for her sermon at her Houston church where she referred to gays and lesbians as ‘perverted.' Not only did Ellen Degeneres  drop Kim’s scheduled appearance on her show, but Texas Southern University has announced that they’ll no longer be airing ‘Bridging the Gap with Kim Burrell’ in their programming lineup. Some on social media are saying that the LGBT community can make or break your career if you are not careful, do you agree? I'm praying that KIM BURRELL keep her head up and keep fighting on for "these things are written."



  1. Yep. This is the price to pay for righteousness, but in the end it'll be worth it if she stays the course. Unfortunately with the LGBTQ who has become embolden and empowered by the gov't, they won't stop here.

  2. Since when do we as preachers have to apologize for preaching truth?

  3. And not to forget Mr. "Black Lives Matter", Deray McKesson, who is demanding she lose her employment.

    I am always skeptical of such organizations like this one founded by two lesbians, and supported by the likes of Jewish billionaire George Soros, an this homo dude who went to twitter with his nice/nasty to say -

    "I watched your "sermon" last night & took the time to watch the "apology" video this morning. I don't know your God."


    "your "sermon" is a reminder that, for many of us, the church is a space of faux liberation & hypocritical theology."


    "I hope that every gay person whose services you have used in your career refuses to work w/ you now. Your career will end."

    Regarding race, folks like Soros, Black Lives Matter, and this shady homosexual will take advantage of the credulity of Blacks folks any opportunity they get.

    I am so glad there is a Bible. I will not want to be under the gun to make any of life's choices under any worldview concocted by man a his highest intelligence.


  4. What the word doesn't seem to realize is that the world did not give Kim Burrell a career and the world can't take it away. What this doing is exposing the darkness in the hearts of many including the ones that have playing church #IStandWithKim.

  5. If You Don't stand For JESUS You Will Fall For Anything. I never supported the Black Lives Matter Movement. Because of who founded it. Folks have to be very careful who they follow. They needs to do research before just jumping on the bandwagon. Pastor Burrell will be OK. She just needs to. STAND HER GROUND FOR GOD AND JESUS. The BIBLE IS RIGHT. They are WRONG.The problems with these UNSAVED and UNGODLY folks they want to live a lifestyle that's against GOD. No REAL Man or Woman of GOD who say they have been called by GOD to preach and teach God's Word. Should never ever compromise The Word of God for nobody. They have to answer to GOD not man.The problem is that these preacher's haven't been doing there job. They have sold out God for a dollar,cars,mansions, plane's, prestige, so many titles you can't even name them. The LGBTQ are on there way to HELL. They have REPOBATED MINDS. Its Holiness or Hell. You can't compromise the GOSPEL. God has always blessed Pastor Burrell from a child she has a Phenomenal Testimony. So what GOD has for her no man will be able to take it from her. All these folks in the church playing church. There's nothing covered that won't be uncovered. She is a PASTOR she was in her church, telling her congregation the truth and nothing but the truth. Someone in the congregation got upset may be may be not. But it was the true GOSPEL that was spoken. And it is a great message. And a lot more preacher's needs to address the same issues in there Churches. The message is now getting more attention now more than ever. Thank You Jesus. Stay on the wall Pastor Burrell like the Prophet Nehemiah. God is in control. Yes indeed I am praying and will be fasting for her. The Blood of Jesus be over her life. # I STAND WITH KIM

  6. Lady Brock, Where are the Black Preacher's At ??? To stand with Kim. Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Bishop Charles Blake, Bishop Paul Morton, Bishp Joseph Walker, Bishop Ioana Locke, Bishop Jackie Mc Collough, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Pastor Susie Owens. Yes I am calling them out.

    1. @ Anonymous,

      Them bishops are making sure they stay paid $$$ at all costs. They know it's going down if they stand with Miss Burrell.

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  7. It's Not About Being Popular. Its About Being Effective. The Truth May Hurt For A While, But A Lie Hurts Forever. The Bible Is Right Everything Else Is Wrong. Homosexuality Is An Abomination In The Eyesight Of God. God made Adam and Eve Not Adam and Steve.


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