Teen Defends Woman Who Kidnapped Her From Hospital At Birth And Raised Her.

Reader, I've literally read this story 6+ times since seeing it on the news yesterday.  Each report with a little more detail than the previous... I feel so bad for that baby girl and both of the families involved  More details about the 18-year-old, who was kidnapped at birth REVEALED! The woman that kidnapped her was a social worker who went to church every Sunday... Although she's willing to meet her real mother, she's still defending her kidnapper... The girl claims the woman is her mom and not a FELON.

I hope that this young lady realizes that she is in fact a victim. That the woman who kidnapped her was selfish and disobeyed the law, that this is the worst crime that anyone could do to a mother and to her "the baby". 

The baby girl who was kidnapped from a Jacksonville Florida hospital by a woman dressed as a nurse 18 years ago has defended her alleged abductor after she was found living with her in South Carolina. Kamiyah Mobley, now 18, was found alive and well in South Carolina on Friday living under the name Alexis Manigo. 

The 51-year-old woman she thought was her mother, Gloria Williams, has been arrested and charged with kidnapping. The teenager took to Facebook to defend Williams on Friday as news of the woman's arrest spread. 'My mother raised me with everything I needed and most of all everything I wanted,' she wrote. 'My mother is no felon.'


  1. Lady Brock, First of all. Knowing what I know about the situation. The child was better off with this woman. The birth mother was a minor when she got pregnant and delivered. The father was arrested and put in jail cause he was an adult having sexual relationship with a minor. He did year's in jail. The mother had 3 more children. The mother got a Million dollar plus lawsuit amount. What does she have to show for it ??. Yeah the paternal side of the family all on TV giving interviews. But do they really want the TRUTH to come out. Keep on investigating. Some say the maternal grandmother knows Ms.Williams and told her to take the child and the daughter didn't want the child . Keep on investigating . The Real Truth Is Going To Come Out. IJS

    1. (I don't usually addressed Anonymous comments but I must in this case)
      Her goes my rant.

      So your ok with "KIDNAPING" infants if someone "PERCEIVES" that the child will have a better life???

      Some of the most influential people from of all walks of life have started from humble childhoods.
      ( Mark Twain, Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln, Jim Thorpe, & Ray Charles, just to name a few)

      Would these people have had the same impact on the world had they been Kidnapped by someone who "THOUGHT" they needed a better life???

      Would any of us be who we are if we were KIDNAPPED by (according to someone else's view) a "BETTER FAMILY"?!?!

      It's also possible that the mother could have changed her life while raising HER CHILD!!!

      And let's not get lost on the subject of which life is better for the child, because ultimately KIDNAPPING IS AGAINST THE LAW IN EVERY CIVILIZED COUNTRY.

      You just can't Trivialize kidnapping because the birth family has issues.

      You can't call someone an"GOOD MOTHER" when they STOLE the actual child they are mothering.

      Bottom line the child could use some counseling and the FAKE MOM should go to jail.

    2. Anonymous I can't believe you said and believe what you wrote. This young lady must be so overwhelmed, and so scared for the woman that raised her, I get that. But, what she did was so wrong but nevertheless she been her mother for 18 years. I can't imagine what she and all the family she grew up with are feeling and the emotions of her biological family are going through. Sorry but my heart is with the birth mother in this case,I can't even begin to imagine the pain this young mother has been through.

  2. Many women, including myself have suffered a miscarriage. Many have unfortunately suffered many miscarriages. None of us took some one else's baby.

    1. I'm sorry but when I read the story I understood how she could do it. Doesn't make it right to the poor young mother who lost her child but going through that kind of loss can and will make you do crazy things. Whole thing makes me sad.

  3. why didnt she adopt. Go down the legal route. Yes I understand she probably was traumatised but it doesnt give u the right to steal a baby. The childs mother had to live with this. Imagine her pain.

  4. Ms. Ann, was she told she could never have any kids? I get that she was distraught & emotionally unstable. I feel more for the family that spent 18 years not knowing where their baby was. I can't imagine the toll it took on that family.

  5. This woman was crazy out her mind taking that child only 8 hours old. The birth Mom ( No Words)I get worried when my daughter, my angel is late coming home on the bus from school. She had options, adoptive parents can get kids at birth if arranged that way. Her actions were planned, she didn't care about the mother or father or their lives whatsoever. She is a danger to the community. Who is to say she didn't kidnap the siblings the young lady grew up with in the home. In what world does the schools, pediatricians, not know she had fake documents for her child? The lying all these years, and had the nerve to be going to church. That was the child's saving grace. God watched over her and protected her during her ordeal. The fake mom should be put in jail for the rest of her life. I just can't get around her taking a new born baby from a hospital form her Mother. How did she know that mother had given birth? How did she know what hospital to go to? During that time, hospitals nationwide had security in place with matching the infants arm band with the mother's all had dob, female/male, boy/girl, Mother's name and dob. Something is not right? She was the a really bold brazen crook to do that. News media, massive police hunts, she should be charged the full restitution for man hours charged for looking for that child. Investigators were just stumped. Did she have help? Was her husband in on it? How much did the fake mom family know about the ordeal and when? The Girl should abandon the fake mom immediately. It is best she break ties to let her know it was wrong and she broke the law in the worst way and robbed her of a life with her Birth MOther. The first child at that. She should be put in prison in solitary for the rest of her life

  6. I'm happy for the birth parents but my heart breaks for this girl. The only woman she knows and loves is sitting behind bars. I pray that everything works out for all concerned.

  7. I hope and pray this ends well and that they are able to form a bond. Imagine being a pew sitter all this time with a stolen child in your arms. Another lady only got 12 yrs for this same crime so maybe she will get the same or longer. sad times. As for anonymous saying nasty things about the birth parents, there is nothing wrong with humble beginnings. The best place for any child is with their family unless they are in harms way. Praying all works out well for Kamiyah and her real mum and dad

    1. SoFrolushes, I too hope everything work out for everyone involved. Florida has some of the strongest crime laws in the country, she’s going to be charged with a first degree life felony in Florida, and that mean she’s going to be looking at a substantial amount of prison time, if not life in prison.


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