So The Gospel Music Community Is Ok With Kim Burrell Being Asked To Not Take Part In The BMI Gospel Music Event????

Reader I wasn't aware that Pastor Kim Burrell has been 'uninvited' from the trailblazers of Gospel Music Awards Ceremony this month and will not be honored alongside Marvin Sapp and others.  In my humble opinion as a real Christianany Gospel Artist/Preacher/Pastor/Teacher that participated in the BMI after this should be ashamed of themselves.

I agree anyone who hosts a show has the right to deny someone a promo opp if they feel that person conflicts with their show/brand. I get it. But this BMI award was to honor a lifetime of career achievements that you can't deny despite whether you like Kim or not, and has nothing to do with her church or sermon. It has everything to do with corporate sponsorship and advertisers. But guess what, sadly, the gospel music community and "the church" is still not unified enough to do anything about it. This is not right.


  1. Miss Ann,

    According to the world standards, it is ok.

    Miss Burrell is going to lose a lot in this coming season. It is expected. All she has to do is prepare herself for the hard times ahead (2 Corinthians 11:25-27). For even her familiar friends will turn against her (Psalm 41:9).

    Will she choose to forsake all for the gospel (Matthew 19:29)?

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. It's not ok for her to say say that all homosexuals will be killed this year. Sounds too much like another false teacher preacher prophet...Benny Hinn. He also said the same thing years ago. Well what about those who fornicating and committing adultery shacking up and other perverse acts in the church. It's not a surprise no one makes that leap. Perhaps because far more are guilty of these (overlooked, acceptable) sins than homosexuality. I'm not advocating for the homosexuals...just for the full counsel of hy writ...Selah!

  3. I meant holy writ...sorry

  4. That's why I got outta this stuff Ms. Ann. Yes, Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) is the backbone of how one earns their royalties and get PAID.. Oh!. I just said it! GET PAID. You are owned as long as you continue to produce the product they believe the WORLD wants. So if you put out a record on a label and it comes out against fornication, adultery and definitely not homosexuality.... they review they song and tell you to change the words, if not, they have the right to axe you. That's why there's not true freedom to record lyrically what you want. So if you're on the same label as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, or even Marilyn Manson, you'd better not say one word about their lifestyle in your song or cd because you're in a joint covenant agreement within the business to make the overall record label you're with with them successful! See... Whew! outta Anyway, it's all setup as a money maker and the reason these gospel artist ain't saying nothing is because they want to keep gettin' paid and don't wanna get black balled. Trust me...

  5. Thank you (Timezone) for that information. As I've mentioned before in other posts, your insight is why I strongly pray for my middle son going into the Music/Theater industry (he wants to head to the BIG CITY of New York after graduation in May). Man, I'm praying for him...LOL! SO, I say again, you can't be a FRIEND of the World and try to serve God too...It doesn't work and God WILL NOT accept it. As my pastor calls these type of Preacher's "PULPIT PIMPS", so does Jesus call them "Heirlings". HE (Jesus) is the only WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE. In Christ Alone, RLR.

    1. No problem Anonymous (RLR). Just have him to stay focus on Christ. A little bit of everything will come his way and try and lure him in certain directions when it comes to music. Trust me, it's tempting. I had some joker telling me he has a club downtown Buckhead (The so-called Beverly Hills of the southeast in ATL) and he ask me do I play and he was wanting me and my wife to sing and play. And ofcourse big time dollars are involved. Had to reject it. I'm was just trying to sell this dude a keyboard meeting up a Starbucks. lol. Things will come his way outta nowhere. It's crazy. Especially when folks find out he's a musician. Anyway, just pray pray pray....

  6. In the long run Kim will get the last laugh. Her music sales are up because people who support are buying her music and those curious about her realize she is a vocal beast plus gospel radio says they will still play her. I saw this in Black Enterprise:

    "So far, the audience seems to be sticking with Burrell for the most part. Three of her albums, including the latest, A Different Place (Shanachie), resurfaced on the iTunes Top 200 Christian/ Gospel Albums digital sales chart over the weekend. At the same time, Burrell’s current radio single, “I See A Victory,” is holding steady at No. 16 on this week’s Billboard Gospel Airplay chart with no sign of waning. In addition, airplay has picked up for the song on a variety of Adult R&B, Rap and Jazz stations over the last few days"

    The bad part is BMI will still get a cut of her sales after being so foul toward her. If you want to support her download her music and show these people that bullying Christians for believing God's word will not work.


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