Ride On Kim Burrell God Can't Use A Coward Soldier!!

Reader Ellen has stop Kim Burrell from appearing on her show and church folks are confused about this? Now, I really don't understand why. When you make a stand like Kim Burrell did you can't be naive to think the people that you're sending to hell are not going to be upset with you.

Just a friendly reminder, to all my African American Christian readers pastor,teacher,preacher,minister,elder, and laymen who hasn't figured it out yet. We are no longer speaking in our churches when we speak now, we are always talking to a global audience. This is something I've  been trying to say on this blog for years. You are not just talking in house anymore, and people will run with your statements as they are. 


  1. Pastor Burrell knew when she spoke in that PULPIT that TRUE WORDS OF GOD. Against SIN that she was going yo get BLACKLISTED. But she had to do what thus saith the Lord. It's to take a stand. It's Holiness or Hell. We all know that folks have cell phones, I pads, etc. Recording vices in the church. She has done what none of these big name pastors haven't done. They aren't calling out SIN. Homosexuality and Lesbians are running openly and haywire in the CHURCH. And as long as these folks have money, gifts, talent, there families have clout and money. It's OK. Hell no it's not OK. Sin is Sin. Folks needs to Openly Rebuked cause they are Openly Sining. They are making a Mokery out of God's House. She wasn't out of order to preach on SIN in the Church. The Church is the Hospital to go there to get HELP. Ellen is on her way to HELL with her millions. HELL enlargement itself everyday. God will take care of Pastor Burrell. If you Stand For Jesus You Will Fall For Anything. God is gonna to hold these Bishop's, Pastors, Preachers, Teachers, Evangelist's, Elders, Missionaries, State Mother's, Worship Overseers, And whatever else titles they want to carry accountable for not. Taking a stand and not preaching and teaching against ALL SIN. Yes Lord!!!

  2. Kim Burrell will be just fine. She chose to honor God instead of bowing down to Baal. Look how Chick-fil-a has prospered since being attacked for standing on God's word. After all, only what we do for Christ will last and according to God's word, this gospel is meant to be offensive to those who don't believe. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?


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