Paula White Is Responding To Accusations That She Is Recognized As A Heretic and Charlatan By Every Orthodox Christian Tribe.

Reader most white evangelical pastors are upset that the world might somehow mistake Pastor Paula White who will be representing the black church at Trump's upcoming Inauguration as being one of them. Russell Moore, Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and an outspoken Trump critic tweeted the following:

“Paula White is a charlatan and recognized as a heretic by every orthodox Christian, of whatever tribe.” 

Paula White who has alleged to have conned far too many willing, greedy, eager, prepared to do anything black people into handing over their earnings in the name of Jesus.

She typifies those who Jesus threw out of the temple. Trump doesn't know this because he is a charlatan AND a fake Christian, along with his buddy whose initials are FG. The three of them worship money and fame far more than the God they claim to believe in. 

Paula White, prosperity preacher once investigated by Senate, is a controversial pick for inauguration


  1. Well Let The Church Say Amen And Yes Lord !!! She is nothing but Poor White Trash. That has been around Black Preachers learned there techniques of preaching, learned from the White Preacher's how to be a Con Artist and Money Laundering. So now she is doing what she learned to do. Salvation is a Lifestyle not a Career. If you want a Career get a JOB. But these CHARLATANS don't want to do that. They believe that PREACHING is a TRUE CAREER. We are living in the Last Days. GOD is pulling the covers off of everything, everyone and everybody. So her and the rest of the CHARLATANS DAYS ARE NUMBERED

    1. LOL!!!
      If you want a career, GET A JOB.


  2. Heretic? charlatan?

    Sounds correct.

    And if Paula is one of Trumps spiritual advisers then he has no clue about true salvation and Christianity.

    1. Are we talking about the same Paula White who blasphemed against The Holy Spirit by saying God told her it was ok to divorce her husband Randy White??? She can't even discern between her desires and God's will, yet she's supposed to advise the president.

  3. Perhaps she has known him awhile since she has maintained a residence in Trump Towers. I am sure he knows all about her and her shenanigans with ex husband Randy and the two mega churches they bankrupt and was bulldozed to the ground. Yes, maybe they are all cut from the same cloth. Including shady Omarosa.


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