Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons of Tallahassee's Jacob's Chapel Give A Half Apology After Sleeping With Man's Wife!

Reader the pastor who was caught in bed with a married woman has apologized to his congregation, while brushing over it. The pew sitters gave him a standing ovation. It seems that this sin is so easily forgiven. It's embarrassing to tell the truth. All followers of Christ know that he should step away and get some type of counseling.....yes asking the Lord for forgiveness is a part of the process and asking his wife as well. I don't believe he is walking by the Spirit.


  1. This so pathetic. He is so arrogant,Narrisst,Reopated mind. He thinks that he is God in the flesh. Anyone that would sit under this leadership needs some serious mental health counseling. The pastor needs to step down, repent to God, repent to his family,repent to the woman's family,repent to the church,and get some professional mental health counseling. He is a prime example of another preacher that think that they are above God. His wife is just a fool. The members are even the bigger fools for staying under the leadership of an ADULTER. His father did the same thing to his Mother over and over again and she stayed with him. These folks like the money,positions,houses,titles,cars more than they love GOD and they prefer those carnal things than there souls.

  2. What is telling to folks that aren't saved ??? That's why we can't get folks to come to church nor do they want to hear anything about JESUS. Cause of folks like him and the congregation that gave him a standing ovation. God isn't a toy nor a puppy to play with. These folks are playing church. The preacher and the woman were so comfortable with there adulterous affair that they didn't have any respect for neither of there spouse's. Nor there children. The church. Let alone God. He wasn't in the spirit of the Holy Ghost he was in the spirit of the flesh. Only God can do something with these preacher's cause they are so out of control.They think that they are God. And that they are superior to everyone.

  3. Miss Ann,

    Brother be preaching!!!

    With that deep baritone, and ladies calling out “preach pastor” in perfect pitch, like they would like to be next in line... SMH. Simmons sure has them eating out of the palm of his hand - literally. There is a sense of veiled threat when he mentions the deacon board too. Like he wants to warn them “not to touch the Lord’s anointed”. He knows that if they kick him out of the church, he will need to get a real job to keep the roof over his head. Liar!!! Then he places his guilt on the congregation stating “us” and they foolishly respond with “amen”. Really?!

    Surely by good words and fair speeches has Simmons deceived the hearts of the simple (Romans 16:18) and they with itching ears would rather listen to him than read the word of God and keep his precepts (2 Timothy 4:3-4). They do not understand that the man is a sinner who should be stepping aside from preaching. Simmons is not ashamed of what he has done and he is a perfect example of the shepherds who foul the water the sheep are to drink (Ezekiel 34:19 [refer to the whole chapter]).

    The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  4. What was that???
    There are SOOOO many things wrong with this.

    He was screwing his parishioner in HER DAUGHTERS BED, behind her husbands and his wife's back, and all he has to offer is DONT JUMP IN THE OCEAN and talk about him???

    And the sheer audacity that the church even allowed him to preach the following Sunday is so telling as to the untouchable world many of these pastors live in.

    He abused his power,
    Took advantage of the trust of his own wife and that of his church member in order to get his freak on and that WEAK APOLOGY is all he has to offer???

    I understand forgiveness but there are consequences to your actions.

    A TRUE church would have sat him down immediately!!!
    Had a trust worth board investigate how long this affair had been going on,
    (Cause you know as well as I do that if this was just a one time thing, the woman would NOT BE defending her adulterous pastor over her husband)

    And are there any other women he was scoping out?

    And this churches LACK of action just gave this pastor the green light ( if he hadn't already) to do WHAT EVER he wants with no repercussions. Just a quick prayer at the beginning of his Sunday service and its life as usual.


  5. Where's the remorse? Where's the true repentance? Where are the officers of the church? all he did was say what many false prophets say "God forgave me and is pushing us forward." And he also threatened those who would stand up, "My brother is packing his gun and he's not all the way saved."

    (That is bad theology... there's no such thing as half-saved Christians.)

    Any preacher/pastor that commits adultery is disqualified from pastoring according to 1 Timothy & Titus.


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