Pastor Jamal Bryant Epic Sit Down Interview With Rev. Al Sharpton!!

Reader, join Pastor Jamal Bryant as he does a sit-down interview January 6, 2017, on The Word Network with Reverend Al Sharpton. The Rev. Al Sharpton will be asked about black clergy who align and join themselves with the Trump administration; and the present day attack against Pastor Kim Burrell.


  1. IJS....What does these two have to say...NOTHING!! Their background is as MESSED up as those they will be discussing in the interview. So, a good laugh for me. Sorry, Y'all. BTW, why hasn't "The Rev. Al Sharpton" moved to Canada yet..LOL. Let God be Truth and every man/woman a liar. Only Jesus!. In Christ Alone, RLR.

    1. Don't you mean Al CHARLATAN?

    2. @ anonymous,

      My sentiments exactly.

      These are celebrities exchanging worldly ideas while hiding behind the WORD of God.

      The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

  2. Bryant needs to
    Pay child support consistently,

    Stop lying about attending Oxford as a student,

    Give us at least 5 years without having a child out of wedlock,

    (And what may be the hardest for him)
    Stop trying to make a scene in order to get HEAD LINES for yourself.

  3. Al Sharpton is a sellout and Jamal loves women, money and attention.


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