Pastor And Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp Buys Another Church!!!

Reader, nationally recognized and award-winning gospel singer Marvin Sapp will begin offering church services in downtown Muskegon this year. Bishop Sapp, pastor of Lighthouse Full Life Center Church, purchased the former St. Jean Baptiste Church from the Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids, MLive reported.

A start date for the services wasn’t announced, but Sapp posted on Facebook and Twitter that they will be held on Sundays at 3 p.m. It’s unclear whether or not he’ll officiate services. The 133-year-old church in downtown Muskegon has been closed since April 2015 due to the need for extensive repairs.

Diocese of Grand Rapids spokeswoman Annalise Laumeyer said no repairs have been completed since the building’s closure. On Monday, the Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids announced that it sold the church to Sapp. The purchase was finalized Jan. 3 and included the rectory next door to the church. Plans for the rectory were not disclosed.


  1. So the Metropolitan Bishop (with my eyes rolling) who ALREADY HAS 100 churches under him, is about open another franchise.

    Who needs to grow a business when churches can do just as well "TAX FREE".

    He may as well put up some Golden Arches and start selling burgers

  2. Cop, you named it correct, "franchise".
    1 church in several locations. It's about the business.
    Why don't the members get smart and buy up real estate too just like the preachers do with their money.

  3. All these Bishop's, Pastor's, Preacher's, Teacher's, Prophet's or whatever else they want to call themselves. All they want to be is FRANCHISES. That's all. It's all about the money. The more franchises the more money they get. It's not about SOULS. Folks needs to stop being so stupid. Giving your money to these charlatans. The properties are in the preacher's name only . The congregations get no financial benefits from the properties. Money Laundering at it's finest.

  4. As an Apostle of God by Jesus Christ not by man. I've been exposing these False Teachers and False Christ's as Jesus Himself calls them. Its not just the False leaders, But people who dont or want Read nor Study for themselves The Word so They will know what it says to Them how to live The Life of a Believer following Jesus. Jesus said Let No Man deceive you. The only way to Not Be Deceived. Its to Know what The Word says for Yourself and Have The Holy Ghost The Comforter. Who is The Spirit of Jesus that Lives inside those Truely saved and born again. Jesus spoke of Hirlings $$$ That dont care about the Flock. But The Sheep folk was told by Jesus how to spot a Fake False Shepherd also. You can't just keep bashing these Fake Preachers and dont bash yourself for not Studying to show thyself approved a Workman of God that needth not be ashamed Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth. Not only are these imposters getting your money. But you following the blind and your not even saved.

    1. Those Buildings are Not Churches. And cant and dont make money of themselves. The People Are The Chuech and They give money for the up keep of Buildings that. these Fake Preachers go out and get. If Jesus chose a man He and He Alone will make provisions for That man to carry out the Charge He Jesus gave him. The False Christ's and Pastors and Teachers make people pay for what they want to do. Thats why The Power of Jesus is not seen inside a Building because it belongs to the man. Not The Father God. So untill PEOPLE The Church wakes up out of being Blind. They will continue to follow wicked leaders who are just like themselves. Jesus said its IMPOSSIBLE to Deceive The Elect. So Jesus doesn't LIE. and if your giving to going to these Buildings but complaining. If you know its Wrong there. Why are you still attending? Apostle George Paulk Jr.


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