Let's Launch A News & Lifestyle Mag for Christians Of Color!

Reader if anyone reading this post would like to help this young sister get her magazine off the ground and running,  then by all means please click on the link below and show her some love and support.  

 "Faithfully Magazine" is a News and Lifestyle publication that advocates for, celebrates and informs Christian Communities of Color by centering the conversations, issues and events they say are important to their faith and to their lives.


  1. Are these people for REAL?? (SMH) What is a So-called Christian Community of Color?? Yeah, I know, black folks. And that's in the Bible, Right? (SMH) Jesus help us. And you don't think the White Christian Community won't feel offended (I thought we were ALL a Christian Community if WE have the Lord Jesus as our Saviour, no matter what Color). I thought segregation was over especially in the Church, IF, you're a True Christian. Won't get anything from me.... Foolishness!! SORRY....ONLY JESUS. In Christ Alone, RLR

  2. What is a Christian community of color? Why does everything has to be about race?

  3. Why not just have a Healthy lifestyle magazine centered around Christians . And not COLOR. Not with the RACISM. If someone WHITE, ASIAN, HISPANIC, LATINO, NATIVE AMERICAN published a magazine with some foolishness like that. The African American Community would be rioting. Black Lives Matter. I can say what I am saying cause I am a Biracial Woman. Why can't we all just get along. Why can't we live in a . COLOR BLIND WORLD. GOD LOVES ALL OF US. JESUS DIED FOR ALL OF US

    1. I love this young lady magazine idea. If you don't want to help,then don't help,it's simple as that.

  4. Good for you Ex-COGIC Bishop, it's as simple as that. So let me ask, why are you so interested in this YOUNG LADY MAGAZINE? Give up your money if you want, that's your decision. I consider it foolishness to have some So-Called Christian Community Of COLOR. My decision, right? In Christ Alone, RLR


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